Mocktail Club is the Drink Choice for Holiday Entertaining

Mocktail Club is the Drink Choice for Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are nearly here and that means the celebration of entertaining must begin. When hosting a gather or dinner party, festive drinks can be seen in the hands of those in attendance. With Mocktail Club, we can now say that includes for those that aren’t drinking as well. They offer a delicious selection of premium non-alcoholic cocktails for those of all ages and drinking choices! 

Mocktail Club is the Drink Choice for Holiday Entertaining

These luscious drinks are created with functional benefits such as antioxidants and prebiotics for digestive health. Health win for the entertainment kings and queens out there. Not only are we enjoying the delightful bubble with no side effects but also sharing a health benefit with all of our beloved guests.

Don’t worry though, all your guests will soon be impressed as Mocktail Club can also be used as a mixer for those whom like their holidays a little more boozy. Tip – Be sure to label each glass, so that no one gets a little extra surprise.

Mocktail Club is the Drink Choice for Holiday Entertaining
Personal Favorite – Mocktail Club Manhattan Berry

For us, Mocktail Club is a great solution around the holidays season and beyond. I for one am not a drinker. My 40s have welcome a few minor health issues that just make me steer a little clear of my beloved wino days. So, instead of walking around with water, I feel right at home with the crowd. Not to mention Mocktail Club drinks are amazingly tasty. Let’s talk a little about each one…

Mocktail Club is the Drink Choice for Holiday Entertaining - Bombay Fire

Mocktail Club Bombay Fire

The pomegranate juice and caffeine-free tea provides natural tannins, while the organic agave rounds it out with a balanced sweetness in the Mocktail Club Bombay Fire. The chili peppers provide a smoky lingering taste that leaves you wanting more.

Mocktail Club is the Drink Choice for Holiday Entertaining - Capri Sour

Mocktail Club Capri Sour

Made of pomegranate juice and cranberry shrub made with apple cider vinegar that provides the tartness for the Mocktail Club Capri Sour. The caffeine free tea and lemongrass create a nice balance, while the agave compliments the sour.

Mocktail Club is the Drink Choice for Holiday Entertaining - Havana Twist

Mocktail Club Havana Twist

Mocktail Club Havana Twist is created from refreshing cucumber, mint, lime with a touch of cardamom and cloves. The cardamom and cloves provides the refreshing cucumber mint and lime medley with some accents and complexity.

Mocktail Club is the Drink Choice for Holiday Entertaining - Manhattan Berry

Mocktail Club Manhattan Berry

With a sophisticated blend of blackberries, ginger and pear shrub, the Mocktail Club Manhattan Berry provides a delectable balance of sweet and tart from the blackberries and pear shrub made with apple cider vinegar, and finished with a ginger flavor.

Mocktail Club is perfect for people who want a healthier lifestyle and alternative to alcohol but still want the kick. Mocktail Club is excited to build a platform of better-for-you non-alcoholic beverages for the sober curious and mindful drinkers, with the added benefits of prebiotics and antioxidants.

– Pauline, Mocktail Club Founder
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  1. I have to admit my bartending skills are a basic rye and ginger . Ive been meaning to learn how to make cocktails though .

  2. These are great options for non-alcohol folks like me. Manhattan Berry would be something I would try & probably like. I love fruit infused drinks

  3. These will be perfect for my girlfriend holiday dinner. We all get together for a holiday dinner at someone’s house, and there are some girls who don’t drink alcohol, but love to be social.

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