MilkSplash, a healthier way to do flavored milk

Thank you to MilkSplash for spending over a few samples for us to test out.

Gen X moms such as myself are now seeking healthier food and drink options that still offer a convenience factor. It is hard to juggle keeping house, errands, being a parent and working in or outside of the home. There is simply not enough time in the day. It is even more difficult to find great tasting, time crunching snack and drink options. There is only so much water our children will tolerate before it ends up on our head.

So if I was to tell you that there was a better option when it comes to flavored milk? I know my children love to indulge in a cup of chocolate or strawberry milk. In fact they try to tempt me into giving it to them that way nearly every time. Not going to happen, I tend to be very good at keeping tabs on what goes into those little bodies.



Healthier choices for my family was a goal I set for myself nearly a year ago and even though it has been a struggle at time, the benefits are worth it. MilkSplash falls in line with changing our daily routine change. With a total of zero-calories and fat free, this milk flavoring is ideal for busy parents who want their kids to drink more milk while making healthier beverage choices. In fact it is also BPA-free, gluten-free and allergen-free.

MilkSplash comes in the same style portable, squirt bottles many of us have come to know well for flavoring our waters. These are wrapped in a  fun design and easy to use. In fact it is so simple to create, that I allow my toddler to assist me in making his MilkSplash drinking milk. Some how that bit of independence seems to make it taste so much yummier in his mind.


MilkSplash comes in a variety of flavors, colors and collectible characters such as Cocoa Loco, Sir Strawberry Swirl™, Orange Cream Dream, Cookies ‘N Cream and Jammin’ Banana with many more to come.

So let’s talk about what I and my Low thought about the taste of MilkSplash drinking milk.

Cocoa Loco, aka chocolate milk, was our first to test since it is a favorite for my son. My husband being the helper he is started with 8 ounces of milk to Low’s sippy cup and added a giant squirt of Cocoa Loco. Stirred, added the sippy cup lid and the gave it to my toddler to taste. The results were not what I had hoped for as you can see. Low was a little unimpressed with his swallow of MilkSplash. Way to go dad!

MilkSplash Not A Chocolate Fan

I can tell you when I see that sour face, I was dreading testing this out for myself. Putting on my big girl panties and digging in. Here we go….. Really it wasn’t that bad, well kinda that bad. The only real reason I could really find for the distaste of my toddler was that the Cocoa Loco seemed overly sweet and I mean like sweet, sweet. The chocolate was still chocolate but not the same as what chocolate milk drinkers are accustomed to.

So what is a mom to do when something like this happens? Especially a blogger who is working on a review campaign for MilkSplash. I don’t know about others but this mommy went back to the drawing board to see what went wrong.

Que the beginning of our tale when I let my husband assist. Bad idea ladies and gents. A squirt does not mean squeeze and hold until a quarter of the container is now in the milk cup. So we started again this time with my general bossy pants self hovering to make sure it was done correctly. As I am sure you are guessing, this taste test went much better. While it is not his favorite MilkSplash flavor, he will drink it without issue.

MilkSplash Review

MilkSplash Sir Strawberry Swirl, aka strawberry milk, has the complete opposite reaction for my toddler. His reply when asked if he liked it was a simple shake of the head because he was too busy sucking his milk through the spout. Success!

Mommy test revealed that I was in complete agreement that a squirt of Sir Strawberry Swirl in 8 ounces of milk resulted in a fine tasting strawberry drinking milk. Please hold while I have another sip…..


MilkSplash Strawberry Review

While taste means a lot when it comes to things such as these, convenience and store-ability still must be looked at unless you have loads of space and don’t need to worry about time. For those of you I bow in your presence. In my world though, I need to food and drink products to take up as little space as possible. After all there are six of us in my family and I try my very best to only have to go to the grocery once a week.

MilkSplash comes in a small container at 1.62 ounces and does not require refrigeration. It is ideal to take on a picnic, pack in school lunch bags for your children to use and even take a long to a favorite restaurant that only serves white milk. There are so many ways MilkSplash can change the way we do milk. The possibilities are endless.

What to try MilkSplash for yourself? Of course you do! Flavor varieties are now available nationwide at Walmart and select Target stores.

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