Maternity Fashion Tips: What Not To Wear

Gone are the days of shapeless, uniform-like maternity clothes, hallelujah! Thankfully, there are so many retailers (bricks & mortar and online) selling a good selection of clothes to accommodate your ever increasing baby bump. While mums-to-be might be spoilt for choice, there are still some fashion faux-pas to avoid:

Winter Maternity Fashion

Clothes you can’t afford

With all the changes to our body during pregnancy, combined with not always feeling crash hot, dressing well can help us feel feminine and good about ourselves. However you don’t need to spend a small fortune to look great. Given the added costs when bubba arrives, keep your expenses down by buying discounted clothes at online retailers such as You’ll also save your poor feet and back by letting your fingers do the walking.

Super tight… anything

Apart from being extremely uncomfortable, tight clothes really don’t leave much to the imagination. Sure you can show off your newfound curves and bump, but there’s a big difference between a form-fitting, flattering outfit to a super-revealing one that looks two sizes too small. Tight shoes are also a no-no, particularly if you get the good old cankles, eek, not a good look!

Tents aren’t sexy

Ok, so super tight isn’t flattering, but neither is the tent look. It’s undeniable that baggy is comfy, but aim for a mix of form-fitting and loose, for example, leggings with a roomy shirt or jumper.

High, high heels

Pregnancy waddle on heels? Not good at all. As your weight increases and centre of gravity shifts, you need to be kind to your back and also reduce the risk of falling over. Most mums will tell you they became quite uncoordinated, particularly as their pregnancy progresses, so hang up the heels and pick up your flats.

Turn down the volume

Loud bold printed tops, particularly with a very big bump, are just overwhelming. Plain colours or soft prints are ideal and if you still feel the need to vamp it up, go for some colourful accessories.

Underwire bras

So we all want a flattering bust-line, but given the phenomenal changes in our breasts during pregnancy, invest in a good fitting maternity bra early on. Changes in the breasts can start as early as week six and although there is no definitive evidence to argue against underwire, discomfort and possible damage to developing milk ducts just ain’t worth the risk.

Look in the mirror before leaving home

Now this might sound a little crazy, but hand-on-heart, I actually did this! I was tossing up whether to wear my black or silver sandals, so I put one of each on. Given my ‘baby brain’ I failed to look in the mirror before leaving home. I only discovered I was wearing one of each colour when I dropped some money (there’s the coordination thing again) and had to awkwardly squat down to pick it up near my feet.

So there you have it, some tips on what to avoid in order to look great throughout your pregnancy.

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