New Makeup Trends of 2018

Well, 2017 was definitely a remarkable year in terms of makeup! We’ve seen some awesome shade ranges, glittery lipsticks, premium quality highlighters, and what not! Now, 2018 is going to be no different. It seems like the scenario would be as interesting and fabulous as it was! You can look forward to some of the most awestruck makeup trends in the coming months.

Black is Going to Rule

  • Black is Going to Rule

Black eyeliner is not something very unique! We all know about the same. But, trust me, it is taking a whole new turn in 2018. The recent trends suggest that you should trace it around your both lashlines with thick strokes.

Also, you can go for a dramatic angle or come up with interesting graphic shapes with it. It will seem to be totally on track. So, gone are the days of just tracing a thin line above your lashes and get it done. Rather, take a step ahead! However, you can buy the high-end eyeliners at an affordable rate while grabbing the lucrative beauty brand coupons.

  • Bullets are Trending Again

There has been a rise of the liquid lipstick trends over the years! But, now, the classy and humble bullets are back again. Especially, the Kylie Jenner’s new Kylie Cosmetics lipstick bullets are going to be on the top. The most outstanding feature of this lipstick which specifies a creamy, and hydrating formula is getting sold at an alarming rate.

Glitter is Having a whole New Look

  • Glitter is Having a whole New Look

Glitters are entirely going supersized in 2018! There are many new ways to showcase this sparkling thing nowadays. Be it the rhinestones, sequins, or gems, you can wear a glitter in any such way and I am sure you would look simply stunning!

Also, the fashionistas are wearing a glitter now while adhering the same on their eyelids, and even around their eyes just like a lash glue. So, if you have not tried this style yet then make a move soon. It will certainly take a little patience from your end to go for this makeup tip but it is worth going for it!

  • Glow is the Ultimate Mantra

The sparkly embellishments and golden highlighters are not just enough now! Things are going to change in a far better way in 2018. The massive makeup trend which is blooming in 2018 is nothing but the style of going out with an ultra-highlighted skin. The glowier you are, the more you will be on-trend!

With the new signature #namvoglow from the famous makeup artist Namvo, you have got one of the finest examples of such a trend. The holographic violet pigment within it is simply incredible!

The Cat-Eye Look is Stealing the Show

  • The Cat-Eye Look is Stealing the Show

In 2018, the cat-eye look is going to get popular like never before. Rather than just simply going for a trace of a super-sharp wing, you need to round-off the edge. It will make you look extremely beautiful and you will go hand in hand with the current trend even.

How do you go for this trend? Firstly, you just need to trace the outline first and then fill it completely. Even, you can use a tiny sponge applicator just like a stamp to come up with the ultimate round shape.

  • Metallica is Popular

The metallic kind of makeup in terms of all the shades will continue to be one of the best trends of 2018. You just need to wear it in a subtle way while applying a transparent and clear lip gloss shot over the lipstick that you are wearing.

Otherwise, you can even just go absolutely bold while opting for a frosted lipstick. Moreover, you need to ensure that you are going for an unusual shade to create a unique look! Don’t you have such a unique extraordinary color in your lipstick collection?

Summing Up:

So, these astounding makeup trends are already taking over the world now and it is expected that they are going to create a fantastic impact in the coming ten months of 2018. Don’t wait anymore! Just get into the trends and that’s it you’ll be certainly dazzling all the time.

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