The Magic School Bus Science Club Subscription Kits by mail #HolidayShopping

Welcome the passionate Ms. Frizzle into your home each month with the first-ever mail subscription kits from The Magic School Bus™ and The Young Scientists Club. Starting in January 2012, members of The Magic School Bus Science Club will have a hands-on science kit delivered once a month to their home. The kits cover exciting topics like the human body, weather, fossils, bacteria, magnets and more. Kids will feel like they’re taking part in a live-action episode of The Magic School Bus as Ms. Frizzle walks them through each experiment using colorful manuals and kid-friendly terms and explanations! There’s even an online clubhouse that kids can visit for more information and details on the experiments.

Cost of the club is just $19.99 per month, which includes the cost of shipping and handling. For a limited time, you can offer your readers a promotional coupon code (FRIZZLE2) to get a 15% discount, or $3 off, each kit. Club membership lasts 12 months with one kit mailed out each month. However, you can cancel a subscription any time during the 12 month period. The Magic School Bus science club will start its launch this fall to celebrate its 25th anniversary. For anyone interested in giving the gift of The Magic School Bus Science Club this holiday season, there are colorful printable gift cards available on the club’s website ( Club membership is a great gift to start out 2012 with a new way to have fun and learn!

Do you use Gilt? This awesome website will offer its members a special deal on this new science subscription: Thursday, Oct. 6 at noon until Sunday, a one-year subscription will cost $199, $41 off the $240 regular price for 12 months. And, only Gilt members will get a free lab coat (one size fits all), lab goggles and a printed gift card which can be given to the lucky recipient for the holidays, before their subscription starts.

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