You Love to Travel, But Are You Doing It The Best Way?

You Love to Travel, But Are You Doing It The Best Way?

Let’s preface this by saying that there isn’t really a wrong way to travel. If you’re moving, seeing and experiencing new things, and having fun, then that’s all that matters. However, people do tend to fall into a familiar pattern of doing and seeing the same things over and over. In reality, there are many ways to see the world; types of travelling are as various as countries you can visit! Below, we take a look at a few new ideas that’ll have you up, out, and having even more fun than before!

Exploring your Local Area

Now, how about this: how well do you know your own area? Regardless of where you live, there’ll surely be many attractions, tucked away restaurants, and places of natural beauty that you don’t know as well as you should. We all get so hung up on visiting far-flung destinations; we forget that our own towns and cities are also interesting! Of course, this is easier if you live in a city like New York, but don’t discount your own neck of the woods if you live elsewhere.

Multiple Trips

There’s something to be said for saving up your money and going on an extended trip away. It’s fun to have three weeks to explore a new destination! However, if you do that, then you’re going to be waiting a long time in between trips. Instead, why not consider going on multiple, shorter breaks, say for three or four days? That way you can see much more parts of the country/the world, and the time in between the trips will be much less. If you have strong transport links where you live, then you can go away for a weekend at a time – and this way you won’t have to take any time off work.

Setting up a Hub

A lot of people consider buying a vacation home, and then use that as their destination of choice when it comes to their breaks away from home. However, there’s another way you can do this, one that will give you a vacation home and a place from which you can see other places. If you buy a place in Asia, you’ll have the entire continent on your doorstep, because flights between the countries are plentiful and also very cheap. Take a look at the top 100 low density condos in Malaysia, and you won’t just get to enjoy all that the country has to offer; you’ll have everywhere else in Asia too. If you want to hit the beach, then you can. If you want culture and nightlife, you’ll have that too.

You Love to Travel, But Are You Doing It The Best Way?

Step Out of the Comfort Zone

Humans are creatures of habit. We know what we like, and we tend to stick to it. However, what if there’s something that you’d like even more than the stuff you enjoy doing now, but you just haven’t tried it yet because you’re not open to trying new things? Travelling is an excellent – most likely the best way – to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. When it comes to your next trip, take a map of the world and a dart, and throw; wherever the dart lands, that’s where you’ll be going for your next trip.

Swapping Homes

Instead of visiting a new place as a tourist, why not experience it like a local? If you live somewhere that’s desirable, and other people might want to visit, you can use the web to find home swapping websites. This is the process of swapping houses with people, but only for a short period. They get your keys; you get theirs. Then you get to spend time in a house like a local when you’re next travelling, and you won’t have paid a penny.

Traveling for Business

There’s a common complaint amongst business travellers. They say they’ve been all over the world, but they only ever see the inside of hotel rooms and meeting places. If you travel for business, why not consider adding a day either side of your trip and explore the destination properly? When you first arrive, it’ll allow you to get a sense of the place. On your last day, you’ll be free to attend all the things you’ve heard about but haven’t yet had a chance to visit.

Business is Traveling

Did you know that’s an entire group of people who travel all the time? No, they’re not millionaires: they’re digital nomads. These workers conduct all their work online, and as such, they’re free to move from one place to another; all they need to do is ensure that where they’re going has an internet connection. If you’re convinced that you want to spend your life hopping around the globe, find an online job. You’ll never have to be tied down to one place, which is the biggest barrier that stops people exploring the earth.

Volunteering Options

Once upon a time, travelling was dangerous and almost impossible. Today, there are more options than people know what to do with; you can go anywhere, do anything, meet everyone! If you’re after a completely different experience, then take a look at volunteering options around the world. HelpX and Workaway are two of the most popular platforms; with them, you can spend time living with a local family, and get free accommodation and food; and all you need to do is donate a few hours of work a day in return.

Follow Your Passion

You have a passion. Whether it’s film, music, books, or anything else, there will be certain destinations across the world that will be something of a mecca for you. For your next trip, why don’t you follow your passion around the world? There are some amazing book and art tours, and you’ll love it all the more for already being interested in the topic.


As we’ve shown above, there are many ways to explore the world! So get creative, and get out there: it’s going to be great.

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