Breathe Fresh Air into your Lounge: Great Ideas to be Inspired By

Whether you live in an older house whose living room needs a new lick of paint or you’re sick of the magnolia in your new build home, redecorating the lounge should be your first port of call. As a focal point of most homes, where people congregate as a family and where guests are welcomed, having a good-looking lounge is essential. It doesn’t mean you need to shell out thousands to create a fashion-conscious, state-of-the-art communal hub, but giving it a breath of fresh air can really help to inject some life into a lounge that has lost its way.

Sofas and Stuff - Ashdown sofa & Amberley Chair - Portrait

Depending on the shape and size of your room, you should plan the interior design to suit. You don’t have to spend on fees for a professional – use your own creativity and be inspired by some genius ideas.

  • A living room is essentially somewhere to relax, unwind and socialise with family and friends. For this, you need plenty of seating. Perhaps your compact lounge would look more spacious with a comfortable armchair and an elegant small sofa ? If you have a larger space, you may do better with a corner seating arrangement or a couple of sofas that complement each other. You can find plenty of inspiration at Sofas and Stuff, with mix and match opportunities and fabrics and colors to suit every style.
  • If your home struggles with natural light, you don’t need to consider installing more windows. Instead, make the most of what you have and use reflective surfaces (think glass, sheers and mirrors) that will help to bounce what light you to have to make the room look bright and fresh.
  • Long, narrow rooms – typical of Victorian terraces – can be quite difficult to make homely. You will struggle to include more than one sofa in a room of these dimensions and while an armchair will fit, it can sometimes look detached from the rest of the room. Use a rug to bring everything together, and add a focal point to the far end wall which will help to make the room seem more in proportion.

Let your creativity flow and grab the dust sheets – breathe some fresh air into your lounge this summer.

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