How to Look Your Best at the Beach

How to Look Your Best at the Beach

Summer is officially here, and if you live near the ocean, you’ll likely want to spend as much time as possible at the beach. However, the fashion requirements for the beach are a bit different than they are in other areas. Read on for some inspiration to help you look your best when you hit the shore this summer. 

Wear Your Swimsuit 

If you have ever watched someone try to change into their swimsuit while holding a towel up for privacy at the same time, you know that it is not a good look. To avoid looking like a tourist, simply wear your swimsuit under your clothes like underwear. Bodysuits have come back in fashion lately, so you can even wear a one-piece suit as a top. 

If you plan on going in the water, you may wish to pack some underwear in your beach bag to change into after you get out of the water, just in case your suit doesn’t have enough time to dry before you get dressed again. Head to the bathroom to change so you don’t have to do the dance with your towel. 

Choose a Strapless Top 

When it comes time to slather on sunscreen, the fewer straps you have in the way, the easier it will be to apply. Not only that, but the chemicals in sunscreen can damage your suit, leaving unsightly white marks or stains on the fabric. With no straps, you won’t have to worry about this. Also, you won’t have any unusual tan lines to contend with later on! 

Throw on a Dress over Your Suit 

Dresses are a girl’s best friend in the summer, especially those that fit loosely and comfortably. You’ll be ready to jump in the water in just seconds, and it will be much easier to shimmy out of your suit and into dry underwear when you are getting ready to leave. Don’t be shy about showing some skin; the beach is the perfect place for it! 

Don’t Forget about Accessories 

In addition to your swimsuit and clothes or coverup, you’ll also want to have a variety of accessories. Sunglasses are an absolute necessity, both to protect your eyes from the sun and to prevent you from squinting against the glare all day long. Be careful if you bring your Gucci sunglasses. Sand and other debris can scratch the lenses, and you don’t want to risk leaving them behind in the excitement of the day. 

A wide-brimmed hat is another great option for the beach, and it will help protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun throughout the day. These types of hats are incredibly popular right now and will look great in all your social media posts. If you’re not a hat person, try a headscarf or bandana instead to keep your hair out of your face. 

Take Care of Your Toes 

Summer is the time to let your feet breathe, so get those flip-flops out of the back of your closet! Be sure to take the time to moisturize your feet to undo some of the damage that the dryness of winter can cause. If you have time, paint your toenails or hit the nail salon for a pedicure to have your piggies looking their best. 

Steer Clear of White Bottoms 

Even on pristine white-sand beaches, the sand is dirtier than you might think. The beach isn’t the place to wear your favorite white shorts, as you’ll likely come home with a dingy coating of dust on the seat. You don’t need to cover yourself in only black or brown, though; summer is the time for bright, bold colors, so feel free to have a bit of fun with your ensemble. Patterns are great as well, and they’ll hide any stains better than solid colors will. 

Stick with Lightweight Materials 

It is likely going to be pretty hot out there, and the last thing you want is for your clothes to be plastered to your skin with sweat. Cotton and linen are excellent materials for summer, as they are both lightweight and breathable. Skip anything tight-fitting to allow your skin to breathe and sweat to evaporate so that your clothes don’t wind up soaked. As a bonus, linen is naturally wrinkle-resistant, so your clothes will continue to look great all day long. 

Tie Up Your Hair 

An ocean breeze can feel great against your hot skin, but it isn’t so great for your hair. To avoid looking like a mess by the end of the day, tie your hair back in a ponytail or weave it into a loose braid. You’ll look more put-together, and you won’t constantly be brushing strands out of your face. 

Crank Up That Smile 

Nothing makes you look better than having a smile on your face, so don’t be shy about showing off those pearly whites. You’re at the beach, so enjoy it!

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