Letting the Kids Choose Your Family Holiday

Ok, so you might take some persuading that this is a good idea, but letting the kids choose your family holiday actually makes more sense than you might think. A family holiday is something that it’s just as important to get right for the littlest members of your household, as it is for the biggest, and sometimes grownups have a very different idea of what makes a great holiday to children.

For example, while you might be dreaming of relaxing around the pool with a cocktail in hand, the kids want flumes, splash pools and wave machines. While sightseeing might be high on your list, the fun fair is at the top of theirs. Trying to make the kids fit into your relaxing fantasy holiday is a recipe for disaster, with moans of ‘I’m bored’ likely to become the soundtrack of your break. Instead, why not go with the flow of a fun-filled family holiday and let the kids lead the way? After all, if the kids are happy, everyone’s happy!

Still, it’s not practical to give youngsters a full free rein. Here’s how to ensure that their suggestions will work:

1 – Inform

Make sure the kids have an idea of budget, and a basic brief to work from. For example, if you’re looking at UK breaks, or specific destinations or holiday types.

2 – Guide

Supply them with all that they need to make an informed decision – let them look online and order some holiday brochures for them to go through. Giving them several options that you’re ok with will prevent you from having to spoil the fun of the exercise by having to say no to their requests.

3 – Involve

Once you have a winner, get the kids involved in the booking process, as well as letting them help put together an itinerary for your trip. The more say they have on how you spend your break, the more likely they are to have an amazing time, but be sure to factor in some compromise days when you get to choose what you do.

Letting the kids choose your family holiday may be a rather bold move, but it’s one that actually makes sense. Involving the kids in this decision means that they’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time, as well as teaching them important skills when it comes to budgeting, finding the best deals, using the internet, the art of compromise…the list goes on! Will you end up on a Butlins family holiday or a beach break abroad? Why not give it a go this year and see where your kids take you?

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