7 Tips For Laundry Room Organization

Laundry Room Organization

Most moms out there struggle with at least one household chore, and laundry tends to lead the pack.  Here are a few tips that are sure to help you tackle that mountain of dirty clothes.  With a few simple steps to get started, and some planning ahead, you can make laundry your favorite chore instead of your most dreaded task.

Laundry Room Organization


Use Sorting Hampers: Nothing will help as much as this simple investment.  Whether you get a 3 compartment or 2 compartment hamper doesn’t matter.  Being able to sort out whites, darks and delicates makes a huge difference.  Having everything ready to simply dump into your washing machine will cut tons of time off your laundry routine.

Keep Supplies Handy:  Make sure you have shelving within reach of your washer and dryer stocked well with detergent, fabric softener, stain remover and even a can of starch as needed.

Have A Laundry Basket For Every Family Member:  If you want to work with kids on being responsible for their own laundry, this is a great way to do so.  As you pull clothing from the dryer, fold and put into their designated laundry basket.  If they are old enough to fold their clothes themselves, then simply put the clean and dry laundry in the basket for them to fold later.

Keep Hangers In Your Laundry Room: Always keep a few hangers above your dryer for those items that wrinkle easily and should be hung right out of the dryer.  This can save you loads of time ironing later on.

Set Timers:  Invest in a simple timer, or use the one on your dryer.  Listen for that ding to go off when the laundry is done.  This can remind you to go check and pull from the dryer immediately.  This helps with wrinkles and keeps you from forgetting a load of laundry in the wash over night.

Invest In A Drying Rack: This is especially handy in winter months for those sweaters that aren’t safe in your dryer.  A drying rack can be setup on your table and will help keep those sweaters and other items you can’t dry in good shape.

Setup A Folding Station: A nice shelf with cabinets for storing supplies or extra laundry baskets can also double as a folding station.  This helps you get the folding done immediately instead of having it pile up on the couch or bed for days on end.

These tips for laundry room organization are just a few that will come in handy.  Other great ways to keep your laundry under control are to create schedules, chore charts and get the entire family involved.  Setting up a functional laundry area will keep you and your family in clean clothing without the stress.


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