Kitchen Dramas – The Fridge And The Oven: Getting Them In Tip Top Condition

Kitchen Dramas - The Fridge And The Oven: Getting Them In Tip Top Condition

The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that can be the busiest. Many families congregate there during the day and spend time not only cooking but catching up with one another. However, there are two problematic areas in the kitchen. The oven and the kitchen, both of which are appliances that you need.

Keeping them working

These two appliances in particular are important for your home, to store food and to cook it. So you will want to ensure that they stay working and efficient. Whether you need to fix your fridge or repair your oven, you can find parts online from places like Appliance Parts Pros and also call in the professionals. Right now, it might be hard to have people around your home, but sometimes it is only a small and simple thing that can get these appliances back working as well as they should be. 

Keeping them clean

There are always chores around the home that most people despise doing and cleaning the oven and the fridge will be some of those jobs. How does an oven get so dirty? It surprises me considering food is cooked in dishes and on trays. But alas it gets filthy, and it can be quite a tough job to remove some of the stuck on grease and grime. However, these things can be a real chore, and they are often jobs that stay on your list for days before you build up the motivation to actually get them cleaned.

You can use household items to clean your oven. It is much easier than using some of the chemical cleaners you buy at the supermarket. Just using ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar is all it takes to get sparkling results. You won’t believe the difference a clean oven can make, and the sense of achievement once it is finished is overwhelming. 

Your fridge, although easier to clean, is still a tough job. It houses all your food, and so it can be quite difficult to find the perfect time to clean it out. However, before you realize it, there will be a buildup of food in your wardrobe that you won’t notice, and this can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you are not careful. You may want to consider the products you use in the fridge, as after all, the food is in close proximity to the surfaces that are stored on. This is when organic or eco-friendly products could work in your favor and give you that peace of mind when cleaning out the fridge. At this time, you may also want to put some focus on your freezer. It could be that you have a freezer that builds up with ice over time, and so it might be time to defrost it and give it a good clean. Essentially, a good look in your freezer may unearth some food and frozen items you forgot you had. 

Thankfully both these jobs don’t need doing every week. So once they are done, they are done for a while, and can be crossed off that list. 

Let’s hope this gives you more confidence on how to take care of your fridge and oven.

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  1. The chores can be done so much more easily with natural ingredients. Thanks for sharing this!

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