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We have a full house here… it’s my husband and I, our two beautiful boys, and making our family complete are our three “fur-kids” (otherwise known as dogs), Petey, Leila, and Skye.  It is always a challenge to find products that fit our four legged family members, and we are always on the lookout for something that will work well with our busy lifestyle.

Collars are usually an oversight for us, we buy them collars, and they last as long as they last, and then we purchase a new one.  We have been through many collars in our household, and nothing disappoints me more than spending a good amount of money on a collar that is not good quality, or that constantly loosens on the dogs’ necks.

Well, it was time for our boy Petey to get a new collar, as his had worn well past its welcome… so we decided to check out the Kinn Koala Plush-Comfort Collar.

The Kinn company name comes from two parts:

Kinn means that we believe pets are kin. They are related like family. We added another “n” in our name to remind us to “nurture” our kin. Our company tagline — nurture by design™ — motivates us to deliver on this belief, while our logo icon shows kin nurturing one another in an embrace.

Our dogs are definitely a part of our family.  After all, I did refer to them as our “fur-kids…”  So the fact that Kinn understands and focuses on this relationship was reason enough for me to look further.  Look more closely at the product and some of the features that jump out are the fleece lining, double stainless steel hooks (one for tags and one for the leash) and the no-slip grip on the collar.  It also has a reflective patch for those night walks, and a velcro tag silencer to keep the tags from jangling and off of the dog’s fur.


Although not all of these features were at the top of my priority list, they had me at the no slip grip and the fleece liner.

In case I forgot to mention earlier, Petey is our white dog (yes, with the big black patch over one eye like Petey from the Little Rascals… I know, I know… we weren’t too original with his name)  Like many dogs with white fur, he tends to have more sensitive skin than our other two, and with his previous collar, which constantly loosened on us, there would be a lot of rubbing and his fur would thin where his collar wore.  I was anxious to try the fleece liner to see if this helped with his sensitivity issues.

Once the Kinn Koala Plush-Comfort Collar arrived, I was immediately pleased with the thickness and quality of the collar.  This was much more substantial than our previous collars.  The fleece lining on the collar was extremely soft to the touch, and I knew that Petey wouldn’t complain!


I also was impressed with the quality of the steel rings.  Often these are not as heavy duty as they should be for large dogs, and I have had issues in the past with the steel rings not holding up to the strength of our 60 pound lap dogs.

After a few adjustments for size, I got the collar on our boy, and he modeled it well for us.


The collar is available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL, so we went with the Large because of Petey’s neck size.

A few things I would love to see from Kinn would be more color options for the Plush-Comfort Collar, and possibly a martingale option.  For those of you not familiar with a martingale, it is a type of dog collar that allows the owner more control over the animal without the choking effect of a slip lead or choker collar.  It is simply a collar with two loops:  one larger loop that fits around the dog’s neck, and the smaller loop in the front where the dog’s leash attaches.  If the dog begins to pull, the smaller loop tightens slightly to deter the dog from pulling.

Another improvement that could be made for sizing issues, is another small loop in case the collar has to be tightened more than planned.  As you can see below, there is a portion of the collar sticking out from him moving, and closer to the clip there was a loop to slide the first portion through, but since I may have overestimated his neck size, we ended up tightening the collar a little bit more.


Our fix for this small issue was to use the collar silencer to velcro through the loop and now all is fixed!

As you can see also in this photo, the collar is extremely well made, and this shot also highlights the reflective patch on the collar for your night walks with Fido.

So far after a few days, the collar has not “readjusted” or loosened at all, and Petey seems completely comfortable in his new collar.  Since we are not experiencing the loosening as in past collars, I am hoping that his fur will also clear up from where his old collar rubbed.

I would absolutely recommend this collar to my dog loving friends, and will be purchasing more for our two other dogs soon!  You can purchase yours by visiting Kinn’s website or on  Also check out their other dog and cat friendly products here.


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