Keeping Me Posted Customized Birthday Invitation Review

In a 12 month period, I can personally hostess six or more get-togethers that require a specific theme/look. Now by this I mean customized invitations and party supplies that would make even this mom smile. When planning these events, I prefer to start with a stylish card company that care about their customers wishes such as Keeping Me Posted for my invite needs.

Our most recent event was a posh birthday party for my seven year old daughter. We wanted a lot of pink and lime green which were colors selected by her personally and also a bit of her silly flare thrown in the mix. We just what we were looking for with the Cameron personalized girl birthday invitation.

The photo card creation process was amazingly simple, I selected style, quality and then their system of select text and add photo was quick and efficient. I had the card completed within minutes and able to add to my cart and checkout right away.

I like the easy to use system so well that I am scouting their Christmas card designs for this holiday season as well. This says a lot for me since I put an extreme amount of effort into planning for this time of year.

My favorite holiday design.

Keeping Me Posted started out with family holiday cards. Then once Kristen’s husband Sammy saw the designs and he was ecstatic and a family business formed. They worked together to create a home-based business so Kristen could work and spend time with their kiddos. She thoroughly enjoys the creative aspect of making unique, colorful designs while her husband handles the business end of things.

If you have a certain color scheme or image you want to design around, just let Kristen at Keeping Me Posted know and she can create something fun with your needs in mind! We suggest visiting them before your next event.

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