7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer

7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer

It is a burden all of us have to bare. How many times have we looked away from those piles of dirty dishes, dusty shelves and stained carpets? We now it can be a nightmare to motivate yourself to start cleaning. Especially when we get back home from a hard day’s work, cleaning is the last thing wandering in our minds. Still, what needs to be done, needs to be done. Genuinely, not every cleaning session has to be a heavy duty marathon. Being consistent with quick and easy tasks is actually a much better solution that will leave you being less stressed, and more pumped up for doing them in the first place. We have gathered here, 7 TIPS and TRICKS that will actually keep your home cleaner longer!

7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer


Let’s be honest, all of us have been faced, at a certain point in time, with tons of unnerving clutter. We tend to buy more than we actually need, which consequently leaves us with more stuff than we could actually store. So, garments, knick-knacks, groceries, there is too many of them, and not enough space! Possessing more thing than you really need, tends to occasionally leave your home looking like all hell broke loose, and honestly, you should fight against it, no matter how strong the temptation is. Every once in a while, pick up a box or two, stuff them with unnecessary clutter and dump them away (or donate).


As we have mentioned before, you do not need to organize your cleaning sessions in a way that makes them last forever! One tip that can help you make that transition from long hauling to express cleaning, is to store your cleaning supplies and implements all over the house. Most of us tend to store them in one place, and that implies having to spend more time and energy on cleaning. By adhering to this principle, all of your equipment will always be at hand, which will make you more motivated to fulfill your task, and they are going to last much shorter.


Dedication is a personality trait that almost always comes in handy. When it comes to cleaning, that is exactly what you need to be working on. Building a schedule of daily power cleans which is accompanied by strong perseverance on your behalf, makes a perfect recipe for success. Trust us, if you engage in short power cleans on a daily basis, pressure of cleanliness will be much easier to bear. For example, dedicate 10 minutes per day to swiftly clean one particular room. Monday – bathroom, Tuesday – Kitchen, etc. Maintaining a continuity in your cleaning habits makes a massive difference when all is said and done.


Pressure of cleanliness is sometimes too overwhelming due to the fact that most of the responsibilities fall upon one person. Fortunately, that does not have to be the case. Making sure your family gets involved in the cleaning process is something we implore you to do. Each individual member should have its role in the session. This way, the job will last for a shorter period of time, and most importantly, you can turn it into a bonding process, especially if you have kids. However, do not forget to have a reward waiting for a job well done (in case you do have kids).

7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer


Mixed with the philosophy of minimalism, putting everything back in place after you move it or use it, is of utmost importance! Sometimes, even when our homes are not too dirty or dusty, one can still form an impression of it being untidy. If that is the case in point, it is probably due to the clutter. When you look at it objectively, it is not a complicated task to fulfill. So, our advice would be to keep it minimal and for everything to have its place! This can even be a job your kids can do. Make them responsible for their toys being in place!


Let us be honest, a lot of debris that enters our home comes from filthy shoes cruising about. Having door mats is such a crucial thing, for it prevents additional staining from happening. Of course, besides the mat located in front of the house, it would be extremely helpful to have a few more in front of the bathroom, kitchen and the bedroom. By implementing this, you are preventing filth from spreading around the house. It is not a huge investment to make, but it does make a huge difference.

7. PETS 101

We all know that having pets can be a real nuisance when it comes to cleaning. This problem escalates even more if you have a pet who has a strong inclination towards shedding. According to Only Canister Vacuum, “Our advice would be to do the brushing outside. By adhering to this principle, you are saving yourself from constant vacuuming and sweeping. No one likes to find hair strands in places where they really should not be found.” So, next time when the brushing hour comes, make sure you do it in the back yard. Your furry friend will be happy, and trust, so will you.

At the end of the day, if you find yourself constantly struggling to get things done around the house, and your motivation is simply nowhere to be found, hiring someone to do the job for you should always be a shame-free viable option. Plus, you never know, maybe that someone could teach you a thing or two about proper cleaning habits that you can implement later on in your life. Helpling.co.uk offers amazing and reliable solutions to your day to day struggles. Check them out, we promise you will not regret it!

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