I am hosting a Judy Moody Themed Slumber Party! #JudyMoodySleepover

Soon my home will be filled with the giggles of 10 young ladies awaiting for an evening full of Judy Moody Slumber Party fun. My daughters are just now starting to read the series of fun loving adventures that Judy Moody finds herself involved in and they are enjoying every reading minute they can.

Here are my party ideas (I am sure the girls will steal the show though):

  • Making Brother Bombs (balloons filled with yummy whipped topping)
  • Detective “Who Did It’ Game
  • Make a Moody Collage from old magazines
  • Colorful Cupcakes
  • Name that Flavor Punch
  • Woopie Pies (made by the girls)
  • Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer DVD viewing
  • and more……….

Check out the feature below, “10 Things You Need to Know About Judy Moody” and lend this momma a hand (as this will be our first slumber party) by providing you advice on what will make our event a Judy Moody hit!

Disclosure: I received Judy Moody slumber party supplies to assist in my efforts to create a #JudyMoodySleepover party. My opinions are my own. Please view our disclosure policy if you have any questions.

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