Jammies are a Family Tradition

Carter's Gingerbread Man 2-Piece Pajamas #HotHolidayGifts2017

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The holidays are a time to spoil your kids with the joys of holiday gifts and family style meals of glee. Though we are here to share a secret, you can also sneak in some useful gifts that will also brighten their eyes. Call it a sneaky mom win! Nobody has to know; we won’t tell the kids.

While Santa may be the bringer of all of those items we cringed at buying, parents and grandparents can package something useful and that will be used and loved during the winter nights to come, Carter’s Jammies! With all the fun designs and styles, they offer something for every young child on your list.

Christmas Eve Traditions

It has been a long running tradition in my family even as I was a young girl to open one gift on Christmas Eve. In this special present, we would have a pair of pajamas, a sweet treat and something extra like a book, stuffed animal or movie. This is a moment that even now my kids look forward to.

This year, Mr E will be getting a super awesome package from mom and dad to open on this special night. One that contains a pair of America’s Favorite Jammies, his favorite gum balls and a book from his favorite collection, It’s Christmas, David!. We cannot wait to see his sweet face!

Carter's "Night Life" 2-Piece Pajama Set #HotHolidayGifts 2017

Another tradition that happens more often is our bedtime reading ritual. This is one we started before the kids were even born and still continue to participate in with our seven year old. Now that he is older, he does the reading and mom listens but I still love every minute of this time together.

This year and many before, we shop at Kohl’s for our kids’ pajamas. They offer an amazing selection for the entire family from infants to adults alike including America’s Favorite Jammies, Carter’s for our youngest, Mr E. Not to mention we score the most amazing quality of product that will stand the test of time along with deals that you can stack in the form of sales, rewards, Kohl’s coupons and promo codes.

Jammies are a Family Tradition

Mr E adores the new styles from Destination Dreamland, Carter’s holiday sleepwear collection with new color schemes and holiday themes. These Jammies are available in Baby, Toddler and Little Kids sizes and come in a variety of styles in cotton, polyester and fleece options. A true something for every child during the holidays.

As a mom, I love seeing the Carter’s Jammies styles change with each season. Bedtime is sometimes hard on a mom and having an outfit that is as fun as it is comfortable to help them fly off to the clouds of nite-nite truly helps. I for one have been a loyal brand customer since my oldest was born; he is 23 years old now. While that seems forever and a day ago, the brand has only grown in style and quality.

Carter's Gingerbread Man 2-Piece Pajamas #HotHolidayGifts2017

We’ve been lucky that he is not picky when it comes to the feel of his pj’s unlike my daughters whom were nightgown only girls. Mr E does however, prefer a bit of style and season in his patterns. One of his top picks for this winter is the Carter’s Gingerbread Man 2-Piece Pajamas. This is a soft cotton set that comes with a long sleeve graphic top and matching patterned pants with elastic waistband. The gingerbread men look like little ninjas ready to defend their favorite friend. We just love the fun design of this set. Don’t you?

With the holidays so near and the colder temperatures upon us, buying pajamas is something as parents we do for our children. After all, they go so much year after year. With Carter’s, we know that their quality will not only last through this season for our son but also can be passed on to someone else in the coming years. It’s a win, win!

Do you give your kids special holiday pajamas? How do you include pajamas in your holiday traditions?

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