Jacked Up Energy Drink kept me going during our 18 hour move #MurphyUSA @MurphyUSA

This was the weekend of our big move and I mean big. Anyone who has a family of 6 plus understands that the amount of stuff contained in a home occupied by that many people is enough to fill a 26′ truck and then some. I worked for two weeks packing and still come Friday, I was not done.

That morning my husband loaded my sludgy head into our SUV and off we went to get the moving truck. It took three hours to complete the pickup and get back home. After another seven hours of consistent packing, loading and going here to there, I was completely beat down. Honestly I could barely hold my eyes open.

My hubby and I both shared the look and feel of exhaustion so we stopped by the closest Murphy Oil USA to our Cedar Falls home. I slowly gathered myself together and went in to checkout the energy drinks. Upon my check-in via foursquare, I noticed that they were offering free Jacked Up energy drink for entering into the JackedUp Photo Contest. I was in a rush thus not taking advantage of that great freebie, but I made a mental note to come back to it later.

I looked around the tiny service station hoping to spot Jacked Up. Just as I started to get discouraged I walked to the counter to request assist and there they were right in front of my face. Even better they were buy one get one free. Sweet, grab two, paid and out the door I went.

This was the photo I later submitted to http://fuelingfun.com/.

Before even climbing back in the suv, down the hatch my Jacked Up shot went. Not sure I really liked the tart flavor of the gushin grape but to be honest I have had worse when it comes to energy supplements. I will make sure to grab on of their other five flavors the next time they are available.

Purple tart tongue

About fifteen minutes later I noticed I was back on an even level with enough peep to keep me moving along. I endued three more hours of loading the moving truck then finally gave up a little after 10pm. Stinky me grabbed a shower, then bathed each of our four children one by one. Then off we all were to bed by 1045pm. Thankfully the kids went right to sleep and this mom was done.

Now at this point it had been right about four hours after consuming my Jacked Up energy shot and I was still as if I has woke up not too long before. I ended up laying on the couch for about an hour watch a little tv before falling asleep. The good news is that it really did its job and the even out after it wore off was smooth. I am very happy with the results of Jacked Up and will look for them again (especially since they are on sale).

Even the hubby went for JackedUp the next day.

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