Turn ordinary burgers into gourmet deliciousness with J Burger! #Giveaway

It all started with an idea that burgers could be better. As all-american hamburger lovers we experimented with all types of seasonings and combinations. Each one brought new challenges, tastes and a desire to have more. So naturally we reached out to August Kitchen in hopes of testing out a few of their J Burger concoctions. Boy oh boy did we ever.


Taking the basic ground beef and classic indoor grill, we began our quest for what what they call ‘gourmet’. I know what you maybe thinking, why ground beef, isn’t it fatty? Yeah well, hamburgers are best when they are dripping flavor blasted juiciness.

Suggested Use: simply mix 1 full tbsp of J-BURGER into every 5oz of ground meat and prepare your patties, meatloaf and meatballs. You won’t believe it can be this easy!

With just one look, you can see the bits of onion and spices contained in J Burger. Imagine all of that flavor packed inside a meatball. Mouthwatering.


Surprisingly J Burger made the patties not want to stay together when cooking. I almost wished I would have added some breadcrumbs for structure. We made up 10 total and 4 crumbled apart when cooking. Not terribly or beyond edible; just frustrating. I plan to try again with a ground round in hopes that texture will help keep the patty stable from start to plate.


Even though we had a few cooking issues the finish products packed a lot of flavor. I was surprised at the difference in a bare salt and peppered to a J Burger. The original onion offered just a hint at the cooked onion flavor but the remaining spices sung sweetly with each bite.

The Chipotle & Onion was something else entirely. That extra kick and bite of hot was just what the food doc ordered. Not too hot but definitely has that smokey bite that I enjoy.


About August Kitchen

August Kitchen starters were conceived in the kitchen of the company founders’ home in Armonk, NY. After winning over friends and family our first starter, J-BURGER, was created, bottled, and brought to market for all to enjoy.

We were seasoning our burgers with dry, processed powders and decided to give the real stuff a try. We were amazed at the difference it made in our burgers. They tasted delicious and so moist. We then tried our mix with other ground meat dishes like meatballs and meatloaf and realized our seasoning made any ground meat dish taste better but it required so much chopping and prepping.

After constant requests for J-Burgers, having to make extra mix for friends and family to take home, and requests for the recipe, we were encouraged to bottle our recipe. We’ve taken our homemade recipe and shared it with everyone looking for that gourmet meal without all the work.

j Burger 4

One lucky winner will receive a J Burger Jar {of your choice}!

Giveaway ends May 9th at 11:59pm, open to US residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

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