Spring Cleaning for my computer made easy with iolo System Mechanic

Spring is just around the corner and in my home that means let the cleaning begin. While most of us will start washing windows and clearing way for new clothes, we traditionally start with a computer overhaul. My husband cleans out the old, defrags, backs up the good and gets me right back to where I need to be to continue typing away at my daily activities. This year we added System Mechanic to help ease the pain of finding problematic issues. In fact it is so simple, yes, even I can use the program without the dreaded error message plaguing my screen.

iolo System Mechanic is a very easy to use and great all around program for ensuring that your computer is running as well as it is made to. So often over time as we install new programs, update software, add media files (pictures and videos), and surf the web our computers become slower and no longer perform like they did new. There are many reasons for this and no one is really immune from these problems.

System Mechanic has a nice friendly user interface for all the tools that they offer. Their All-in-one Tools provide quick and easy tools to fix and speed up your computer. Simply clicking on the tool you want and following the on-screen instructions is all it takes. System Mechanic will identify any problems or tweaks that can be done to improve your system and does it all for you, it just couldn’t be any easier.

One of the common problem areas is hard drive fragmentation and wasted space. As we install new programs, uninstall others and even just web browsing will cause fragmentation over time. This is basically data on the hard drive not being in order. This causes longer load times as your hard drive has to jump around to different area on the disk to get all the data it needs. Also as programs are upgraded or uninstalled some files maybe left behind that just waste space. Installation of programs often leave temporary files behind used during the install process as well as your web cache that adds up from web browsing. System Mechanic will defrag your hard drive and remove all these unnecessary files from your computer freeing up tons of space and improving computer performance.

As you can see I have over 68GB of fragmented data on my hard drive. Even though I defrag my hard drive at least once a week with System Mechanic it doesn’t take long to have fragmentation again. My main reason is for the large amounts of pictures and videos that I edit and move around my system on a daily basis. With 2TB (2,000 GB) of storage on my computer 68GB is a small percentage but every little bit makes a difference.

System Mechanic also provides a very useful gadget that can be added to your desktop to quickly give you and over all system health and notify you of any issues that need to be fixed.

One thing that has always made me shy away from system tools in the past is that most do more harm than good and put more performance hit on your computer running in the background then they help. With System Mechanic I must say I am glad to have it on my computer now. For being a tech guy who builds my own computers, maintains my home network with multiple routers and has video streaming on my TVs from my networked storage I always felt I did a better job then a piece of software could do. After using System Mechanic for over a month now I am very impressed. It has made maintaining my system easier and provided all the tools I need in one place and more.

For anyone out there that uses a computer on a regular basis this is one program you should have. System Mechanic’s has automatic features built-in that make keeping your system running to its fullest potential easier than ever. I have tried many different programs similar to this over the years and this is the first one that I would recommend.

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