Interim Solutions When You Can’t Find A Safe Haven When Moving

Interim Solutions When You Can't Find A Safe Haven When Moving

When it comes time to moving house, sometimes you don’t have the option to take it slow and get out of the property with regards to the contract. Those who are willing to move out at a moment’s notice can get a higher offer which is too enticing to miss out on. Other times, the real estate agent that can find you wealthy clients will require you to leave the home physically before they allow viewing to happen. Regardless of the circumstances, not having a rest stop for your valuables during this tumultuous time, can put you between a rock and a hard place. It’s important to always have a backup plan, especially when you’re literally picking up your life and moving it potentially hundreds of miles away.

Interim Solutions When You Can't Find A Safe Haven When Moving

Security deposit box

Banks and private companies offer security deposit boxes where you can quite happily store anything that will fit in their boxes. By law as well as their own rules and regulations, they are not allowed to look inside the boxes. Therefore whatever you store, will be entirely confidential, and privacy is of the utmost paramount. When you’re moving home, you want to make sure that your most valuable possessions are not lost or stolen. This could be due to their value being so high in term of currency, or just the pure sentimental value. Items like wedding rings, family heirlooms, other jewellery, vital keys, documents of financial importance etc., should all be protected as you are leaving no stone unturned during the move.

Storing fragile items

You may have items in your home that are more susceptible to becoming damaged if they are exposed to the elements for too long. When you have to move and are in a hurry, office items will more than likely take a backseat to your beds, sofas and major kitchen appliances and fittings such as a dishwasher. However, leather office chairs will end up contracting so much that wrinkles and cracks begin to form which will be permanent. Wooden tables can contract mould if they’re left out in the rain and during a move that is being sped along, this can happen purely out of negligence. Instead ask yourself about storage facilities in my neighborhood, where you can get in fact store all your office and study furniture. Kept out of the damp and with fire safety precautions in place, a professional storage facility like this is the best option to keep your items in the best condition.

Interim Solutions When You Can't Find A Safe Haven When Moving

Parking space

If you’re moving far distances, you may be wondering what you can do with your car. There are companies that will store your car in a private parking lot if you can drive the car up to the new location, i.e. city or town. You will have to get transport home of course, but you can electronically top up any further payment needed after the initial if time has to be extended. Having a place to store your most precious items when you’re moving home can save them from getting lost and or damaged. Everything from your most precious rings, office equipment to your vehicle can find temporary safe havens.

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