6 Ideas for Making Your Apron Look Cute

6 Ideas for Making Your Apron Look Cute

Whether you use an apron for your job or solely around the house for messy jobs, you know what an important role aprons play. These functional accessories can protect both your skin and clothes from stains, excessive heat, and even dust. However, plain aprons tend to look, well, a little drab and uninspired. Luckily, there are multiple ways to make your apron look cute—and many of these upgrades you can do with the kids! 

Want an apron that is functional and cute? Consider these 6 ideas to upgrade a plain apron.   

1. Use Embroidery

Make sure everyone knows which apron is yours by adding some colors, graphics, or your initials with thread. There are tons of online tutorials that can guide you through embroidery step-by-step. Plus, it is a suitable activity—and great life skill—for older kids to learn. Don’t want to do it yourself or want professional results? Opt for a company that offers customizable aprons

Ideas for apron embroidery include: 

  • A name or initials on the chest or pocket
  • A small graphic, like a flower, sun, or animal face.
  • A geometric pattern on the apron strings or a pocket
  • A company logo or slogan

Feeling ambitious? You and the kids may also want to try your hand at re-creating one of your favorite cartoon characters on an apron pocket or the chest!  

2. Add A Name Tag

If you can’t permanently alter an apron because it is for work or any other reason, a name tag may be just the ticket. A name tag is a great way to add your personality to your apron without making permanent changes. You can put your nametag on a sticker if you only need it to last for the day. Or, try decorating a clip-on badge if you want it to last longer. 

Be sure to offer lots of material for decorating nametags with kids. Stickers, markers, and glitter are always big hits! Just be aware, glitter can keep shedding for months. So if the apron is used for baking, it may be best to avoid it for your name tag decorating session. 

3. Try Screen Printing

Whether you want to add a fun design, your company’s logo, or make your apron into a work of art, screen printing is an excellent way to go. While there are apron companies that offer custom screen printing, unless you need a large number of aprons, it can get pretty expensive.

Instead, for aprons that get used in the home, opt for the DIY route. This usually involved fabric paint, a screen or stencils, and a squeegee. The good news is there are tons of screen printing tutorials and videos online to guide you through the process. Plus, this activity is kid-friendly!

Want something simple, yet similar, for younger kids? Stencils and fabric paint are also a great idea. Or, if you prefer abstract art, tie-dye is always a tried and true classic that kids love. 

4. Replace Key Elements

Consider replacing the pocket and straps on an apron with colorful or patterned fabric. Not only will this make your apron look adorable, but solid colors can even have an elegant look to them. Just make sure that you use durable material for pockets if you are going to use them. Canvas and twill are always good options.

Want to get the kids involved? This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to sew. Or, if they’re too young or simply not interested, let them pick their own fabric. Since this alteration requires such a small amount of material, you may even be able to upcycle clothes that have been outgrown or worn out. It is an environmentally friendly option and great for those working with smaller budgets. 

5. Inspire Playtime

This one is specifically for kids unless your workplace allows you to dress up as a Disney princess (If that’s the case, where do we sign up!?).

Use a plain apron as the base to create costumes that will inspire the imagination and make playtime all the more fun. You can use fabric paint to make it look like a police officer or mailman’s outfit or add fabric to give it the details of a Disney princesses’ dress. The sky is truly the limit with this one.

A bonus with aprons for playtime is that it allows kids to move in and out of costumes easily. And it doesn’t require them to strip off all their clothes to fit into the costume. If you find your kids are having trouble tying the back of their apron, just add a bit of Velcro to the straps. No tying required! 

6. Rethink Underneath

While many options on our list will undoubtedly make your apron look cute, we do understand that some workplaces don’t allow alterations to aprons due to safety or aesthetic reasons. If this is the case for your apron, then you may not be able to add personality through modifications, but you can always have the right fit. After all, ill-fitting garments aren’t always the cutest. 

A proper fitting apron will not only adequately protect you, but it shouldn’t overly flare or look bulky. Does your apron make you look like a marshmallow? Look at the clothes you’re wearing underneath. Heavy sweaters and multiple layers tend to have this effect. 

While we know there are aprons available in fun patterns, making your apron look cute is half the fun! Upgrading a plain apron is a budget-conscious and family-friendly activity that all ages can enjoy. And you often end up with some pretty unique results. In our opinion, it’s the best way to protect your clothes in style!

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  1. Great idea . I should definitely get an apron . I ruin so many clothes from grease splashes . I’d love to do some embroidery on it .

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