How to Write a Perfect College Essay

How to Write a Perfect College Essay

Essay writing is not the easiest to master. It requires so much more than just talent or inspiration. Academic writing is also highly technical, precise, and traditional of all writing forms. Hence, students really need to pull their weights to nail a perfect college essay. Fortunately, they can always count on a little bit of help online. Thus, whether you are looking for some writing tips or placing an order at, the Internet is here to back you up. Here is a brief guide on how to write a perfect college essay on the first try. Let’s see what we have here. 

Plan your time wisely

Time means everything in college. It’s especially true for essay writing. One needs plenty of time to submit a great academic paper. This type of writing doesn’t tolerate any rushing. However, that is exactly where most young people stumble. They tend to procrastinate or postpone essay work till the very last minute. Well, such an approach makes all the rest of the steps useless. That’s why we start our guide with this tip. Plan your time wisely with each writing assignment. Do that, and consider you already have half of the success in your pocket. 

So, consider breaking down your workload into several smaller pieces. It will help you plan your time better and dedicate plenty of attention to each section. Thus, you can spend several hours finding the essay topic, choosing the right angles and arguments, researching sources, drafting, outlining, etc. Each of these sections requires time and careful work. By rushing through the process, you may as well skip several essential essay work sections. Thus, it will result in a decrease in quality. 

Read instructions carefully

Students often underestimate the power of instructions. Truly, they should serve you as guidelines and direction more than restrictions you may view. So, start paying better attention to what your instructors want from you. You will save yourself a lot of time and energy by reading each guideline carefully.

Overall, there is the right way to read instructions for writing assignments. Start by reading them twice. Highlight the essential pieces like the word count, number of sources and their type, layout instructions, requested fonts, etc. Following all these steps will help you make a good impression by delivering an accurate paper. 

Next, follow with the essay idea, its type, goal, and nature. Understand what your professors want from you. Email them questions if any arise. During this read, you should catch the main theme and expectations of the paper. Don’t start the assignment unless you know everything about it. This way, you won’t have to write it twice. 

Research profoundly

Research plays a huge role in the paper’s quality. With each paper, students show their awareness, knowledge, education about certain issues, and skills. None of it would be possible without research. Consider each paper as a test for your mind. You should demonstrate flexibility, logic, strength, and analytical qualities. However, to do so, you need enough information to work with in the first place. 

Thus, start by researching the theme and topic of writing. Read reliable academic books and articles. Use pieces only from trustworthy sources, like professional new portals or academic libraries. You can also order research from if you don’t have the time or enough skills to do it yourself. Overall, you need several reliable sources to collect unbiased, detailed information on the issue. Further, you also need as many sources as indicated in the instructions to strengthen your essay with quotes and data. 

Make a strong thesis statement

Many students don’t realize it, but a good thesis statement plays about 50% in your chances of success. So choose it wisely. One needs to develop a thesis to perfectly summarize the theme of the paper, make an interesting angle, and create an original, valid question in the center of the paper. Thus, a good thesis serves you as a lighthouse that shows you the right path. It should keep your writing focused and centered throughout the whole paper. Whatever question you set in the introduction should have its answer in the conclusion. The paper’s main body serves as an argumentation field in the search for the right answer. The better you express your thesis, the easier your job will be in answering it. 

Believe in yourself

Many students start their acquaintance with assignments doubting their every step. They fear failing or doing something wrong. Well, such a mindset is a dangerous place to start any project. Thus, before even moving on on all these steps, choose to start with yourself. Sit down and think of the reasons you might be bad at this. Are they legit, or it’s just self-doubt speaking on your behalf? See where you can improve if your worries are real. After all, there is nothing you can’t achieve with a little bit of practice and motivation. 

Remember, the paper shows all your thoughts and emotions. So, if you approach each essay with fear, it is on the paper for everyone to see. Self-doubts don’t make a good addition to writing. Find ways to conquer it before starting your next essay.

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