How to Pack a Salad in a Jar

Packing a salad in a canning jar is an easy way to plan lunches for the week without a lot of work, or worrying about soggy salad and drippy dressing.  Wide mouthed pint and quart sized canning jars work best.

How to Salad Jar

Here’s how to layer your salad:

Step 1:

Add 1-4 tablespoons of dressing to the bottom of your jar (depending on jar size and personal preference).  Creamy dressings like Ranch and Blue Cheese work best.

Step 2:

Add your hard vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, carrots, cooked beets, etc.

Step 3:

Add any pastas, beans or grains such as chickpeas.

Step 4:

Cheese and proteins come next, but this is best only if you plan to consume the salad within 24 hours. Chicken, hardboiled eggs, tunafish, and tofu all work well.

Step 5:

Softer fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes or strawberries come next, though you’ll want to skip these if you’re packing ahead of a whole week, and just add them the day you plan to eat.

Step 6:

Add any nuts or seeds next.  Pecans, almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds all work great.

Step 7:

Finally, fill the rest of the jar with chopped greens and screw the lid on.

How to Salad Jar1

If you follow these steps, your salads will stay fresh and crisp for 5 days!  To eat, just shake the salad into a bowl and toss with a fork if needed to dress the rest of the greens.
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