How to Make Your Garden Instantly Cute

How to Make Your Garden Instantly Cute

Spring is here and it is a lovely time to begin your colorful garden. You know what flowers you want and how you want your garden to look. You spend hours fertilizing and planting your flowers, shrubs and garden. You take the steps you need to keep away insects and animals from destroying all your hard work and your all done. Now what? There are many things that you can do to add some pizazz to your garden space that won’t cost too much money. There are many things that you can make with your children as well to make your garden more of a family space. Here are a couple of ideas for you to make that garden stand out like it came straight out of a HGTV show or Pinterest Board.


The Birdhouse

Every garden needs a cute little bird house to bring in some beautiful birds. There are many different types of bird homes you can buy. This can be one of the easier DIY crafts that you can do with your kids. You can let them assemble it with a screwdriver or even some wood glue for some houses.

If you don’t want to go with the bird house option there are plenty of other choices that you can consider. There are fountains or bird feeders that you can buy to bring in some of your winged friends. You might not want to install one of these if you are growing fruits and vegetables in your garden.

stepping stones

Stepping Stones

Here is another simple and inexpensive feature that you can add to any garden. You can find these at any hard ware store or garden shop. These are also something you can make with your kids that will last forever. You can buy some kits and pick up some shiny gems that they can stick into the cement before it dries, they can be like fish stones or other gems in the craft aisle in any store. Place them around a special place in your garden or leading up to a treehouse. With that note, choose Pearland Tree experts to help maintain healthily tree life in your yard.

mason jar lanterns

Lanterns or Solar Lights

You can do multiple things with these depending which route you want to take. You can get mason jars and place candles in them and hook them to your fence or trees. You can also get some Chinese lanterns and hang them from any tree.

Then there is the option of getting solar panel lights for any walk way for your garden. These can be found in the garden section of any store. They light up your walkway at night and look very classy, they don’t use any batteries or power so you can put them anywhere you want.

Of course these are only a couple of ideas of what you can do to your garden. If you do these things you can make a really good place to have some family gatherings or BBQ all summer long. You will enjoy your garden more and spend more time out there with family and loved ones. Just don’t forget the bug spray and bee trappers so you don’t have bugs flying every where!

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