How To Keep Kids Occupied During Road Trips

Choosing to buy Mastercraft tires from a competent Tire Team is a great way to start your road trip on the right track, but just because your car is ready to go does not mean that your family is. The fact that so many children are technology-engaged means that it takes more to entertain them than it once did. Still, there are plenty of ways you can keep the kids busy on a long car trip.

How To Keep Kids Occupied During Road trips

Investing in a few arts and crafts materials is a smart move. Pipe cleaners, construction paper, child-safe scissors and a couple popsicle sticks can be used to make puppets. A few pieces of string can be used to make woven bracelets. If you are concerned about spending too much money, stop by a local dollar store and have the kids pick out just a few items each.

Sometimes simplicity is all it takes. Card games like Go Fish and Old Maid can calm the kids down like magic. You might also find some trivia games and quizzes online that you can pass out to the kids to work on quietly. If you can find a few disposable cameras, give one to each of the kids so they can be a part of saving memories from the trip.

There are some games that can involve the entire family. The License Plate Game is an oldie but goodie. It is helpful to print off some maps of the United State, one for each child. When he or she sees an out of state license plate, the child can color the state on the map. Another option is to purchase or borrow a few audio books that are appropriate for children. A book of child-friendly poems or short stories is ideal for the shortest attention spans.

Don’t forget the snacks! It is essential that the kids do not become too hungry or thirsty, or you risk exposure to cranky personalities. This can become a domino effect, prompting the other children to begin complaining as well.

One of the key tips to road tripping with kids is to stop often, and not only for food or bathroom breaks. Stop at roadside attractions, even if they are simple or cheesy. The kids can get out some energy and also build memories for years to come. It is not so much about keeping your kids busy as much as it is about keeping them entertained.

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