How to Create a Luxurious Guest Room

When a child leaves home it can be an overpowering loss for parents, but just remember that this sadness is natural, and all mums feel that way for a short time. The more you have invested in being a parent, the more it is bound to hurt you. A good way to take your mind off this is to do something special with their room. Here are some ideas.

How to Create a Luxurious Guest Room

Store Any Valuables That Remain

Your child could leave home for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes the decision is just a short-term one, such as going to university, or getting an internship out of town. On the other hand, they might be leaving for good, having furthered their life financially. Either way, creating a guest room while they’re gone can have its challenges. Whatever they have chosen they are likely to have left some belongings. This is why you should utilise storage boxes to collect and store any valuables of theirs in a safe place.

Accessorise the Room

For the reminiscent mother inside of you, a complete overhaul of the bedroom is not needed. You might want to keep certain memorabilia of theirs, such as unforgettable pictures. This way you can accessorise around the remaining memories to make a comfortable bedroom for guests, and even you child if they want to stay over. Fresh flowers are a perfect way to provide a warm welcome for any guest.

Build a Coffee Bar

It’s a good idea to remember that different people have different tastes. Remember not to alienate your child, who might want to come and stay over once in a while. If they’re particularly nostalgic, they won’t want to see a bedroom completely stripped of its memories. A great way to incorporate something new without going overboard is to get a coffee bar. Something like this can provide a classy edge to a room without taking up too much space. This way everyone is taken into consideration.

Purchase Some Quality Wallpaper

Getting some new wallpaper is a great way to change the dynamics of a room without taking up space. You shouldn’t make a wholesale change from the old colour, so as not to upset your son or daughter. This process is not necessarily easy, as taking off old wallpaper can be tricky. Take time with any removals, and contact a company like Just Wallpapers for new wallpaper ideas. This way you can look at a range of options.

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