How To Choose Gifts To Give At A Baby Shower

How To Choose Gifts To Give At A Baby Shower

Baby showers are a fun and common practice these days. Many parents-to-be like to throw showers to celebrate the imminent arrival of their baby, or perhaps friends and family members will arrange the party as a surprise. No matter how it comes about, there’s one thing that all baby showers have in common; if you’re invited, you’ll usually want to bring a gift.

This sounds like an easy task, but with so much choice, how can you be sure you’re picking the right gift? Read on for some tips on how to choose gifts to give at a baby shower.

A Baby Hamper

A baby gift hamper is an excellent choice because it incorporates a number of gifts in one lovely-looking package. You can get all kinds of baskets that include a variety of different things, from clothing to toys to diapers, and even gifts for the parents too. Often these hampers will be perfectly presented, meaning that even the packaging itself becomes a keepsake.

It’s possible to buy gender-neutral hampers, but if the parents have used at-home early gender tests, you’ll be able to choose a boy- or girl-themed gift basket if you prefer.

Baby Books

If you want to stand out when it comes to the gift you give, you can do no better than choosing a book or selection of books. Studies have shown that reading to your baby from birth is good for their development, and it’s a great way to bond. As they get older, this is time that you can keep on spending together; you just need to move from board books to chapter books as the need arises.

By giving a selection of books for newborns to the parents, they can start on this positive journey right away. The books should be bright and colorful, and if they have textures inside, that’s even better.

Something For The Parents

If we’re honest, the baby is going to get a lot of gifts, and the truth is, they won’t even understand them or acknowledge them. So why not buy something for the parents instead? This will always be gratefully received.

You could give vouchers for a takeout meal or a restaurant. You could offer to do things around the house, like cleaning or cooking. You might arrange for a massage or gift a big box of chocolates. It’s different and not many people will focus on the parents, so your gift will stand out.

Think About Safety

No matter what you buy, whether it’s clothing, toys, books, or practical items like diapers and cloths, you need to make sure they’re safe. Although most of the time the things for sale in stores will have to meet certain safety regulations and standards before they can be sold, you need to be careful if you’re buying from individual sellers who make the goods themselves.

They may not be aware of the safety standards, and because there’s no regulation here, you might accidentally buy something that’s dangerous. Always do your research to determine exactly what you’re buying and make sure it’s a safe item. If there’s any doubt in your mind, buy something else—it’s just not worth the risk, even if it’s a lovely item that you’d want to give to a baby.

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