Homemade Thin Mints + Printable Gift Tag

Girl Scout cookie season has come and gone and I’ve been craving Thin Mints recently. You know, the yummy minty chocolate covered cookies? Did you know that you can make them at home for a fraction of the price? They are just as good and so easy to make. All you need are some Ritz crackers and mint chocolate and BAM, you’ve got homemade Thin Mints. With the holidays around the corner I like to make up a few extra batches to share with friends.

Thin Mints Jar

Homemade Thin Mints 

Ritz crackers, or comparable round crackers (you could also use chocolate grahams for some extra chocolately goodness)

12 oz. Wilton mint chocolate candy melts (located in the Wilton aisle at major retailers and craft stores)

Andes mint chocolate baking bits (optional but a cute touch)

16 oz. jar or other packaging to put them in

gift tag (available to print)

Twine or ribbon


#1. In a microwave safe dish melt the Wilton mint candy melts in 30 second increments stirring every 30 seconds until melted.

#2. Dip the crackers in the chocolate and flip them over to coat. Lift them up using a fork. Place the dipped cracker on a foil lined baking sheet to set. Sprinkle with a few of the Andes Baking Bits.

#3. Repeat with all the crackers until you’ve used all the chocolate.

#4.  Place the baking sheet in the fridge to set for 10-15 minutes and try not to eat them all prior to giving them away.

#5. Add the Thin Mints to your gift jar and attach the printable tag with twine or ribbon.



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