Helping your parents stay independent with assisted living

Your parents have probably supported you throughout your whole life – from feeding and clothing you as a baby and helping you with your homework as a teenager, to perhaps helping pay for that dream wedding or first house.

With that in mind, you might want to repay the favour during their later years by allowing them to keep their independence for as long as possible. With the right accommodation, your parents can enjoy their later years whilst ensuring that they’re in a safe environment.

Assisted living will provide your parents with their own home but with the benefit of companionship and tailored support. Find out more information about the advantages of moving into McCarthy & Stone assisted living below.


As your parents enter their later years, they may start to lose old friends and struggle to meet new people. However, assisted living will ensure that they’re never alone.

There are always people around to provide much needed companionship. Whether they like the idea of attending social events or simply having like-minded people around, companionship brings about an improved quality of life.

Domestic chores

Those pesky household chores are something most of us dread doing but the smaller tasks seem to get trickier later in life. If you want to make their lives a little easier, make sure they’ve got the support they require to maintain their home.

Whether they just want a hand with changing the bed linen or someone to help look after their pets, assisted living could help them out with the housekeeping.

Personal care

Just because your parents are in their later years doesn’t necessarily mean that they needed to be waited on hand and foot. However, there may be times when they need a little personal care, such as help washing and getting dressed or preparing meals and exercising.

When staying in an assisted living development, you can ensure that your parents receive the care they need without compromising their independence.

Suitable accommodation

When living at home, your loved ones may struggle to find room for a wheelchair or scooter, or have difficulty reaching down low to plug in an appliance. However, assisted living developments have been specially designed around the needs of those in their later years, making for a simpler life.

Preparing for later life needn’t be stressful – assisted living allows the older members of your family to enjoy their freedom and independence after retirement.

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