Halloween RePurpose: Step2 Treat Wagon

While I admit I am not the most crafty lady in my group of peers, I most certainly enjoy the gift of repurpose. Taking something that is no longer useful or even a consistent live piece such as the Step2 wagon used here and putting it in a completely different setting is hobby that bring be great joy. Of course turning milk jugs into skeletons and old boxes into spooky houses is alot of fun but sometimes my children challenge me to go outside the box a bit and create a tamer piece with their assistance. Thus we bring you the Treat Wagon.

Step 1 – Start with a clean Step2 Wagon.


Step 2 – Cut a box to make a flat surface for cardboard support on the inner portion of the wagon.


Step 3 – Line the wagon with spider web. {This can be found at the Dollar Store}Fill with decor and treats.


Step 4 – Fill with decor and treats. Enjoy!

Halloween Treat Wagon

This is a great piece to leave at your doorstep if you are going to be away on Halloween night, easy project to take with you to a Halloween event at your organization or even a pull behind for your Fall Parade.

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