Getting the best of live traffic information with the TomTom Go Live 1535M car navigation device

I have had the chance to use the TomTom GO Live 1535M for a few weeks now and I must say I don’t know what I would do without it. The TomTom 1535M provides some great improvements that you wont find in the first group of GPS navigation devices. I have found that even using this car navigation device on a daily compute to be helpful for a number of reasons.

The TomTom GO Live 1535M first and most important feature is the great navigation interface that TomTom has always delivered. GPS locks are quick and finding addresses are quick and easy with there simple interface. Turn by turn navigation on the TomTom just works flawlessly with simple to follow instructions and accurate maps with proper street names and turns easy to follow. Now this basic features you would expect from any GPS navigation devices but TomTom execute these functions to perfection, at the same time brings so much more to the table.

The TomTom GO Live 1535m features a very nice 5.0” 16:9 aspect ratio screen. This touch screen is very responsive and provides a very nice display. To go along with this nice big screen are the great selection of available Apps to choose from.These include Twiiter, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Google Local Search and Fuel Prices.

Advance lane guidance makes it easy to navigate through mulitlane and complex intersections. TomTom lets you know more than take a left but tells you which lane you need to be in so you don’t find yourself missing a turn because you were in the wrong lane again. I have found this feature to be a life saver on more than one occasion when driving in a city that I am not familiar with.

The Twitter app gives you the ability to Tweet your estimated arrival time and when you arrive at your destination. Yelp gives you access to their large collection of reviews for local places nearby. Google Local search helps you find shops and businesses nearby and help you navigate there. The Fuel Price app can be a great money saver by showing you fuel prices in your area to make sure you always get the best deal around.

One of the best apps on the TomTom 1535M is the HD Traffic app. This app keeps up to date on traffic conditions along your route and will notify of any problems and will automatically reroute you to avoid traffic conditions. This feature alone can save you quite a bit of time on a long trip.

None of these great features would be possible without the TomTom LIVE Traffic Services. TomTom Live Services keeps you in the know by having a data connection on AT&T network. One full year of data services are included and just $59.95 per year to renew. With a constant connection like this you don’t have to worry about your GPS device being out of date while on a trip again.

TomTom also helps make your trips safer by including hands free-calling with you Bluetooth enabled phone. TomTom allows you to see incoming call info, make and receive calls all through your GPS device.

Overall the TomTom GO Live 1535M brings a full featured in-car navigation system to the table at a great price without sacrificing functionality. I have come to rely the TomTom for my daily commutes to work and back since it gives me traffic alerts and I always know how much longer before I get there. The dash & windshield mounting that comes with this device works perfectly and I often wonder how I drove without this for so long.

BUY IT: The TomTom GO LIVE1535 M is available from and Prices start at $249 MSRP and include a free 12-month subscription of LIVE services will be available with each purchase.

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