FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Review & Giveaway

Furreal Friends Daisy Giveaway

My girls have been ga-ga for FurReal Friends Pets for years. Our collection consists of Bouncy, Lulu, Go Go, Butterscotch and several if their smaller animals. This year we are adding FurReal Friends Daisy and Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet to our collection. Shh! It is still a Santa secret.

While my little ones have yet to meet Daisy, I had the pleasure of playing with that adorable kitty myself. She makes soothing kitten noises that attract even a pass-byers attention. How could you not love that sweet face?

Daisy offers many modes of play. You can pet her forehead, wave her kitty toy or just your hand in front of her face, squeeze her front right paw and even press her back to start both motion and sound. I can easily see how a child would grow to love and cherish this interactive toy.

FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy

The FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy sports soft fur making her wondrous to cuddle with. Surprisingly it offers enough cushioning that I would feel comfortable with this being a go to bed time friend. Well minus the sounds of course. However during the day playtime hours, that sweet kitten can pounce, jump, wiggle her paws and makes delightful sounds. So much fun in one toy.

I could easily see this being a must have for those who cannot have pets in the home {apartment dwellers, allergy suffers and even homes that are just not ready for a real pet commitment}. Even in our 2 cat, 4 kid home, Daisy will receive tons of love Christmas morning and already has a fond place in my heart.

FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy In Play

The FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy offers all the irresistible qualities of a real kitten, without the claws or mess. This sweet feline responds just like a real kitten, too! Daisy Plays-With-Me pounces and moves her cute paws when you wave her pink kitty toy or pet her soft forehead. When you press Daisy’s back or squeeze her front right paw, she makes wonderful purring sounds. Or, you can squeeze Daisy’s paw twice to hear a precious, meowing melody. The included pet care guide offers tips on how to properly care for your FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy.

FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy:

  • Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty toy responds to you just like a real kitten
  • Pet her forehead, wave her kitty toy, squeeze her front right paw or press her back
  • Daisy pounces, jumps, wiggles her paws and makes kitty sounds
  • Press Daisy’s paw twice for a meow melody
  • Includes Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy, cat toy and pet care guide
  • FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy requires 4 AA batteries (demo batteries included)

One lucky reader will receive a FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy!

Giveaway ends December 4th at 11:59pm, open to US, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

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