Fruit & Cheese Phyllo Collection with Wine Pairing Tips


In October of this year, Cuisine Adventures announced the launch of a new, Fruit & Cheese Phyllo Collection, available for a limited time during the holidays. This sophisticated snack collection features 3 delicious fruit and cheese combinations wrapped in light and flakey phyllo pastry that are perfect at a cocktail party or paired with a glass of wine for an intimate evening in. The collection, packaged with 36 pieces, is not only the perfect party piece but also very tasteful.

Fruit & Cheese Phyllo Collection from Cuisine Adventures will only be available seasonally in Midwest Costco locations until December 2014. Those in Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Nebraska, and Missouri will be able to purchase the Fruit & Cheese Phyllo Collection at Costco for $12.99. Making them budget friendly.

Fruit & Cheese Phyllo

Wine Pairing Tips

Start with two American classics as basic wine pairings: Chardonnay for times when you feel like something cold and refreshing and Cabernet Sauvignon for occasions when you’re in the mood to linger over your snack.

Take your wine and cheese pairings to the next level, you’ll find wine matching suggestions below that will create satisfying pairings for each of the individual fruit and cheese flavors.



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