DIY: Red, White and Blue Flowerpot Combinations

Red, white and blue flowerpot combinations are a great way to show your pride midsummer, when the American Fourth of July holiday comes around. This festive color combination attracts attention, goes well together and is easy to put together with all the flower choices that you have available to you. In addition to finding flowers that are red, white and blue in color, it is important to think about the way each family grows and fills a pot so that you put compatible flowers together in the same containers.

DIY: Red, White and Blue Flowerpot Combinations

Try these flower pot combinations to put together cheery and patriotic red, white and blue blooms.

Red Geranium Combination

Red geraniums are a great centerpiece for a fourth of July potted container because geraniums are a floral choice that keeps giving and giving. Geraniums, when deadheaded, can continue to bloom and bloom all summer long. Pair this flower with white alyssum with will drape over the side of your pot and also flower all summer, and purple or red salvia plants which add their own pop of color without dominating the combination.

Red Celosia

For a unique and interesting red flower, try Red Celosia, which slightly resembles the seeded head of bushy ornamental grass.  These plumes should be planted at the center or towards the back of the container because they can grow from two to three feet in height under the right conditions. Pair these with blue lobelia, which produces masses of tiny flowers that drape when planted near the edges of the pot and Silver Dusters, which are shorter than celosia and have a great white color.

Red Petunias

Red Petunias come in several different varieties, and each is a great base for your patriotic potted combination. If you opt for tall, traditional petunias, they should be the centerpiece. Wave petunias are long growers and will drape themselves over the side and down the length of pots. Pair red petunias with white snapdragons, which push up tall spikes and flowers along the stem and blue bachelor’s buttons.

Alternate Flowers

There are several other red, white and blue flowers that you can create patriotic combinations with, but there are a few things that you should remember. With the Fourth of July being mid summer, opt for sun and heat lovers, so that they will flourish. Make sure that you go for three colors, but also three different types of growers in order to create a beautiful looking pot.

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