Five Tips for Setting up a Craft Room

Five Tips for Setting up a Craft Room

To truly sink into the pleasures of crafting, you need a space that allows you to access that highly coveted flow state, that zone we enter when creating where we truly get lost in the process. Sure, it’s possible to get overtaken by your art, no matter what your setup is like. But trust us — you’ll have a much easier time taking your craft work to the next level when you have a dedicated work space that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

So, no, we aren’t talking about a piece of plywood set up between a couple of sawhorses. No, no, no — we most certainly are not talking about a sad little space like that. We are talking about a little slice of heaven for you, your craft tools and your artistic vision. 

Without further ado, let’s explore some ways you can craft a craft space that’s quite perfect to house that artist that resides within. 

Privacy Is Key

It’s pretty much impossible to get lost in your craft work when you’re constantly being interrupted. Keep this in mind when you plot out where in the home your craft space should be. Try to find a spot that gives you a little reprieve from the hustle and bustle of your home life. This is especially important if you have kids. Maybe it’ll be in your attic, your basement, your garage. 

Heck, maybe you’ll choose to go big time and erect a tiny house/ tiny studio in your backyard. 

But even if your situation is such that you can’t exactly get away from it all, you can take measures to give your craft space a special feel. You can do that in all sorts of ways. Perhaps you’ll go with a beaded curtain at the entrance. When you step through it, you transform into that especially creative version of yourself. You can have incense and candles going. Maybe all you need is a good sound system. 

Craft Room Privacy Is Key

The point is this: Make sure your craft room feels like YOUR special space. 

Snag a Rolling Craft Cart 

Nothing interrupts your flow like needing to get up and hunt down your craft scissors or your cutting mat. And a few things can impede you from even entering the flow state, like a big ol’ bunch of clutter. 

So how about we knock out both of those birds with one stone? That single-stone craft room panacea — the rolling craft cart. It’s a simple little thing that can take your craft room to the next level (and beyond). 

A well-organized rolling cart helps keep your clutter at bay while upping your efficiency at the same time. It waits in the wings, stocked with your gear, ready for duty when you need it. 

Get Organized with a Pegboard

We already stressed the importance of organization when we extolled the virtues of the rolling craft cart. But there’s another must-have organizer every craft room needs: your basic pegboard. 

But your basic pegboard can have some superpower utility. It’s a breeze to outfit your board with shelves and hooks and all sorts of cool things that not only keep you organized, but will keep you inspired with their tidy coolness. 

Get Organized with a Pegboard

If you need a little pegboard inspiration, give this link a look. It’ll open your eyes to all the fabulous things a pegboard can do for your workspace. 

Put Your Creative Energy to Use

You know who certainly knows a thing or two about using their creative energy to make things fabulous? YOU DO! You’re a crafter, after all. You have boundless creative flair, so swing into action and put together a craft space that’s perfect for you. This is an especially important reminder for first-time craft studio designers. Because sometimes when we try our hand at a new task, we approach haltingly, a little rookie trepidation preventing our creative wings from unfurling and doing their thing. 

Put Your Creative Energy to Use

So this note is designed to serve as a gentle push from behind. Go forth, you fabulously creative crafter, and craft a space that’s perfectly suited for you.

Keep It Tidy

Follow the tips outlined in this article and we can all but guarantee you’ll end up with the perfect craft room. But that perfect setup is all for naught if you don’t take necessary steps to maintain the space. Why, you could have a dream studio with an ocean view, but what good is that gonna do you if your space is piled high with clutter and castoffs from old projects? 

And when we craft, we generate a lot of waste — scrap paper, bits of wood, paint splatter. Don’t let the junk compound. A tidy workspace will keep you feeling good. And when you’re feeling good, you craft good.

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