Five Minute Manicure – Layered Blue Tips Tutorial

Ever decide right before an event or date that you really wish you would have painted your nails? Here’s a super quick and easy five minute manicure nail art tutorial that will help you feel polished (pun completely intended) before you go out. This should only take a few minutes to complete! You can do this with any light and dark color combo, but for this one I’m going with blues.

layered blue tips nail tutorial

Colors Used

  • Rimmel London – Lose Your Lingerie (Light Blue)
  • Julep – India (Dark Blue Shimmer)
  • Julep – Bunny (White)

Tools Used

  • Medium Dotting Tool
  • Optional- Rhinestone

Skill Level – Easy

Use a base coat if you need to and do your other primping while it sets. Otherwise get right to the look by swiping your lighter color from the center of the side of the nail up to the top, making a triangle across one side. No nail art brushes are needed here. Just use the brush in the bottle. Fast-drying nail polishes work great here. Let these have just a moment to set before you move on.

layered blue tips tutorial first color

Starting from the other side of the nail, start at the middle of the side of the nail again with your darker color. Note: This can’t be done as easily with the lighter color on top because of the possibility of sheerness. If you do want the lighter color on top, make sure it’s a super opaque polish, put aside time for multiple coats, or use acrylic paint instead. Note that using acrylic paint instead of polish absolutely needs a basecoat underneath. Touch this up as needed so that the two triangles overlap in the center across the nail.

layered blue tips tutorial second layer

The look works as is if you’re in a serious time crunch. To add a little extra flair to it, take a medium dotting tool or the round end of a bobby pin dipped in white polish. Place a small dot right where the two colors of your tip meet. If you have spare rhinestones laying around, press one into your accent nail of choice over the dot while the polish is still wet.

Clean up around the skin, get going, and enjoy your manicure!

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