Finally, An App That Supports Women Empowerment

Finally, An App That Supports Women Empowerment - findSisterhood

Women empowerment has been a recurring theme nowadays, especially with all the protests and feminist movements happening throughout the globe. Still, growing up, society taught us women to actually be very competitive towards each other, making it very hard for some of us to talk about sensitive topics. For instance, it is still very hard for a new mom to come forward and talk about how she is struggling with motherhood, or how ever since she had her first baby her sex drive is not the same anymore. If we stop and think for a while, there are so many little things that bother us in our daily life that we do not feel comfortable on sharing even with our friends and family.

Finally, An App That Supports Women Empowerment - findSisterhoodNowadays it has become increasingly important for women to come together to support and empower each other, and there’s one app that is changing women’s interactions on social media. FindSisterhood is a completely anonymous app for everyone that identifies as women to share about all the issues and questions they might be having on motherhood, relationships and all topics that are common to us women. It is a place for women to come together to support and help each other without any judgments or second guesses.

Since its release two months ago, the findSisterhood team has received a lot of feedback from women all over the globe and how they feel more comfortable and finally felt like they had a safe space on the internet. Being able to talk with other women about an issue without having to reveal your identity plays a big part on the app’s success to date.

Still, in the social media era, it is getting harder and harder to make meaningful honest connections since no one feels comfortable to be themselves on the internet anymore. Even when we are not online we still feel the need to be liked, loved, commented and shared. Like everything we say and do needs validation. This plays a big part in women not being able to connect with each other anymore because we can never let it show that we are going through problems with our personal life.

It is increasingly important that we change that. That we as women are able to connect and be honest with each other, because 90% of the time other women feel the same way we do. Especially at the moment we are living in which is all about women’s rights and empowerment we need to unite and be sisters to each other, believe each other and be supportive. Let’s stop being afraid of what others are going to think.

It is also important to notice that one of the things the findSisterhood team was able to notice throughout their time with women is that all issues we go through on our daily lives are very relatable to every woman on the app. The thought of having someone out there that is going through the same thing as you is sometimes enough to get you through the day and to give you strength and power to move forward. Deep down we all just want to be understood and feel like we are not the only ones having a bad day. Being able to connect over similar and various issues also shine a light on how grateful we should be for certain aspects of our own lives.

Anonymity also changes the way we behave and the way we talk, and while that could be a negative thing, on findSisterhood anonymity played a big part on women being able to connect honestly with each other. It is incredible to have a place where females are talking about all their issues and just being supportive of each other. So in this case, yes, anonymity was able to heal and allow for women to make positive connections with each other. It is all about their media’s mission, and while Instagram/Facebook’s mission is to showcase the most beautiful pictures and frames of everyone’s life, findSisterhood is about being real, supportive and powerful to each other.

At the end of the day we are all humans looking for love and compassion, so let’s be that for each other. Let’s be the support we want, let’s be the honesty we want, and with that be able to make positive connections.

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