Features To Look For In A Rental Home

Features To Look For In A Rental Home

In recent years, Chicago has become a popular destination for tourists and business people around the world. Everything about Chicago is magnificent yet incredibly inviting, from its world-class architecture, jazz music to its renowned hot dog. As a result, the city receives a large number of visitors each year. Short-term rental properties are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the cost-effective conveniences they provide. Short-term rental homes in Chicago have also become a lucrative business option.

Here are 10 features to consider when renting one of the short-term rentals in Chicago, and if you own one, these characteristics may help you enhance and provide your guests with a better experience.

1.       Easy booking

Providing the services comes after booking. So booking a short-term rental home should be easy, like just tap on the browser and book. Searching the listings of Key Biscayne apartments to find the perfect short-term rental destination should be simple.

Tip for owner: A complicated booking procedure can make the visitor lose interest.

2.       Location and security

  • The location of a rental home should be easily approachable from the airport or other public transport. A rental home near the city lets you enjoy the local city life without worrying about the time or transport requirement afterward.

Tip for owner: LED night lights are an especially great option for installing nightlights in short-term rental homes to make your guest feel safe and secure.

3.       Check for conveyance

With pick-up service at arrival and drop service at departure by your short-term rental, you can enjoy the view outside the car’s window without worrying about the correct destination or taxi price in the new city.

4.       Keyless entry and 24/7 self-check-in

24/7 self-check-in facility and keyless entry, you can arrive and depart anytime, at your convenience. You need not wait in line at the check-in desk.

5.       COVID-19 safe hygiene maintenance

Reassure that the rental home is taking proper precautions of hygiene maintenance to prevent the spread of infection by methodological disinfection and sanitization.

6.       Ultrafast Wi-Fi, Smart TV and streaming videos access

  • The rental home should be equipped with free business-class Wi-Fi so that nothing stands in the way of getting some work done or streaming your favorite movie.
  • When looking for short-term rental properties, one thing that you should never skip considering is TV access. It’s a great addition that will eliminate boredom and let them enjoy their stay at your property.

Tip for owner: To make your guest’s overall experience even better, you can purchase subscriptions for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and let them enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies.

7.       Check comfort

You can check out how comfortable the bedding is? Is a throw blanket available for a chilly night?

Check for the luxury bathrooms with heated floors and soaking tubs. Confirm if the linens and towels are of the highest quality. Pillows and mattresses are clean and disinfected so your sleep is as comfortable as your waking hours. Stunning views from every angle – inside and out.

8.       Fully equipped kitchen

You can check if the cookware and utensils (and everything else you need to prepare food that suits you) are available at the rental home that you need for a home-cooked meal.

9.       In-unit washer and dryer and all basic amenities

Check the availability of bathroom essentials, bedroom comforts, coffeemakers, hairdryers, laundry machines, irons, and other requirements.

10.   Local Maps, recommendations, and framed instructions

You can check if the rental home provides any welcome bag containing local maps, guidebooks, a list of recommended restaurants, nightspots, and other entertainment joints. It will be much easier for you to plan your local trips and discover the exciting windy city.

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