Our Favorite Footwear for Working From Home

Our Favorite Footwear for Working From Home

17.4% of the UK workforce has been working from home since the COVID-19 put the country into lockdown. For many, this has led to a laid-back attitude towards work when they feel there’s no reason to get dressed in the morning. 

After all, video conferences only feature the torso, so you can get away with wearing more comfortable gear on the bottom half of your body, including your feet. Even then, productivity is at its highest when you comfortable at work.  In fact, comfortable footwear enhances your productivity and ensures a positive vibe! 

Luckily, there are countless options for work-from-home footwear. We’ll highlight our favorites in this article!

Our Top Picks For Work-From-Home Footwear 

As we’ve seen, the comfort level of your feet affects your work and your productivity. To help you stay productive while working remotely, we’ve curated a list of our favorite footwear for working from home! Each of these items represents a mix of style and comfort, and will have you feeling great, and working better.

Our Favorite Footwear for Working From Home - Suede Mule Slippers 
  1. Suede Mule Slippers 

Are you always running around your house at nine in the morning to make your breakfast and join your online meeting on time? If that is the case, then choosing suede mule slippers will make your life easier. 

Moreover, these cute and comfy slippers will keep your feet cozy and warm as you work away for the day. These slippers are made from comfortable, sweat-absorbing foam that helps you stay fresh throughout the day. They feature a combination of contemporary and classic styles infused in their design. 

To Buy: Marks and Spencer’s Suede Mule Slippers

Our Favorite Footwear for Working From Home - Loafer Moccasins
  1. Moccasins 

The natural sheep wool these Moccasins are made from make them extra comfortable to work in. Imagine having a stressful day, and your body starts aching by lunchtime. What do you do? 

Having these shoes will drain away your exhaustion and help you feel more comfortable. You’ll love having these soft, luxurious and relaxed Moccasins on your feet. As an extra bonus, these shoes are organic and eco-friendly, so you’ll be looking after the planet at the same time as looking after your comfort!

To Buy: Celtic and Co. Loafer Moccasins – Hard Sole

Our Favorite Footwear for Working From Home - Fluffy Sliders
  1. Fluffy Sliders

We think sliders are simply the queen of house slippers! The fluffy exterior gives you a warm feeling, while the faux leather ensures the highest levels of comfort.

Most importantly, these slide sandals will infuse your day with an element of fashion and elegance which is sure to brighten up your mood on a hard day. Working from home can be monotonous, and these are the perfect antidote!

To Buy: COFACE Fluffy Sliders 

Our Favorite Footwear for Working From Home - Loafers
  1. Loafers 

If you’re looking for flexible footwear for working from home, loafers are the perfect solution! These loafers are a mixture of suede and fur, offering your feet both support and comfort.

These loafers are lightweight and have sweat-wicking features to keep your feet cool and dry in all conditions. This makes them ideal for summer. This footwear is great for both work and chores and so you can wear these when you want to be extra productive.

Our Favorite Footwear for Working From Home - Flip Flops

5. Flip Flops 

If you like your toes to be free rather than hidden inside a pair of shoes, flip flops are the best option for you. With all that work pressure, we understand if you want your feet to feel free. Moreover, flip flops offer you a “beach” vibe that infuses a sense of happiness in you.

You will feel comfortable, especially during hot weather and be able to enjoy the freedom of working from home on multiple levels. We love this pair that is highly durable with arch support. They’re also super soft and comfortable, helping you to have a productive workday!

Our Favorite Footwear for Working From Home

6. Bright Slippers

If your work wear is dull and boring, it will affect your mood and can even make you feel overwhelmed. These fun and bright slippers will enhance your mood. When you look down from your workstation, the first thing you will see is your feet, and these slippers are sure to put a smile on your face.

In fact, science tells you that wearing bright colours makes people feel happier. So rock these cute and colourful slippers to keep you happy and productive while working from home. 

Summing Up 

Contrary to popular belief, the shoes you wear play an important role in enhancing your productivity. The comfortable feeling of your warm feet will help you stay focused during your work day. You can either choose Moccasins or Slippers to help keep your feet cosy when you are working hard. 

Bright colors can also help keep to lift your mood which in turn helps you to be productive. So slip into any of the items of footwear mentioned on this list to get the best out of your work-from-home job! 

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