Fashion Problem Solvers: Comfort vs High Heels

I heart shoes

Confession: I have a fond love of shoes, shoes and oh dear all the shoes this girl can stuff in this her closet. They come in so many stunning colors, shapes, heights types oh my! For the love of shoes that in one wear can make you taller, leaner, and meaner. What is there not to love about a great pair of shoes?

Well how about rawness or swelling and even the dreaded red spots on that adorable pinky toe. Then there is the skin peeling on my freshly pedicure massaged heels. Not to forget the blister that occasional rears its ugly head on my big toe.

Though my fellow problem solvers, there is a solution, Foot Petals shoe inserts. You will not catch me out without my tip toes and heavenly heelz. These two pack an amazing punch when it comes to solving the pain of those fantastic stilettos you just cannot live without. Even better they are easily hidden under your feet.


Foot Petals Tip Toes shoe pads keep feet stable, free from slipping, in even the highest of heels, while cushioning the sensitive ball of foot area with every step. This allows you to go from working the 9-5 to dancing those worries away!

  • Ball of foot cushions
  • Protects bones and tissue
  • Prevents calluses from forming
  • Highest degree of shock absorption
  • Stops feet from sliding forward
  • Eliminates “toe scrunch” and “ugly overhang”


Heavenly Heelz versatile shoe cushions aid in the prevention of blisters on your heels. These can also be used at the inside top of a shoe to ease friction.

  • Back of heel cushions
  • Keeps heels from slipping in and out of shoes
  • Can be used at top of mules, flats or boots
  • Helps with sizing and fit issues
  • Reduces blisters and ankle chaff
  • Keeps hosiery from running


Now that you have more comfort in your step, where will your pumps take you?



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