How to Expertly Cover Your Scars

How to Expertly Cover Your Scars

Scars are nothing to be ashamed of, and they are, in fact, a part of you and what you’ve been through. However, it is not uncommon for you to feel self-conscious about the marks on your body, making you not want to show off your skin or body. You shouldn’t let scars dictate your life.

If you have recovered from an injury, surgery, or acne, saying goodbye to scarring might be the last stage of your recovery. As a result, you may have tried multiple tactics to reduce its appearance to no success, which is why you should find out how to expertly cover your scars.

How to Expertly Cover Your Scars

Choose a Concealer Designed for Scars

Have you tried many concealers and none of them have worked for you? It could be because you have purchased the wrong product for your needs. Reduce the marks by buying an opaque concealer that has been designed to hide scarring. Simply choose a concealer that complements your skin tone and features a small synthetic concealer brush, so it can cover any hard to reach crevices on your body. You should also avoid rubbing it into your skin and simply dab the concealer onto a scar until you have built up the right level of coverage.

An ATP Hair Transplant

Anyone suffering from hair loss and wants to hide the appearance of scarring on their scalp should consider an ATP treatment. It can create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, but it could also help to disguise your unwanted scars, which can make you feel happier in your appearance. There are also permanent and semi-permanent options to choose from to complement your needs.

Protect Your Skin from Sun Exposure

Scars that are less than two years old could potentially diminish over time. You can improve their chances of disappearing on their own by protecting your skin from sun exposure; for instance, wear the right clothing or an effective sunscreen. The sooner you take preventative steps, the easier it will be for your skin to repair itself.

Corticosteroid Injections

If you are living with a reddish, raised scar, such as a C-Section marking, you could benefit from corticosteroid injections. The amount of injections you need will, however, be dependent on the thickness of your scar. You will also need to wear silicone gel sheets for up to eight weeks to six months, depending on the age of the scar. You should also regularly apply light pressure to the area to prevent the build-up of collagen. While the scar will still be visible, it will be a lot less noticeable in its appearance.

A Fractional Ablative Laser

Have you got recessed, skin-colored potholes on your body? You could hide the marks with a fractional ablative laser, which can reportedly vaporize a person’s scar tissue. You will then need a polylactic acid filler injection, which can help to pop the recessed markings up. Unfortunately, the treatment can be rather expensive and you will need between two to five treatments.

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