Why Every Tween Girl Needs Rompers in Her Wardrobe

Why Every Tween Girl Needs Rompers in Her Wardrobe

Creating a cohesive and stylish wardrobe is already hard enough for grown women. We have to be able to sift through hundreds of trends. This usually begins in the pre-teen years, where girls start becoming more aware of styles they like and their own fashion sense. Dressing a tween girl, therefore, is no easy feat. It’s hard to keep track of all the new trends, and of course your tween will have A LOT of opinions on what they do and don’t like. It’s hard to know what to stock their wardrobe with. Should you get them a ton of dresses? Should you just do a collection of jeans and t-shirts? Well there’s one garment type that’s often overlooked but is actually perfect for a pre-teen girl, and that’s the romper. Rompers are like jumpsuits but instead of it being a top and trousers attached, it’s shorts and a top combined. 

Rompers are awesome. Why else would it be a great look for women of all ages, from the young all the way up? Behind the dress, it’s actually one of the most universally appealing pieces of fashion which has been stylish for decades upon decades. Why wouldn’t you want your daughter to experience that goodness? 

There are many reasons that make this garment so great for tween girls. Here are just a few. 

Why Every Tween Girl Needs Rompers in Her Wardrobe

An Easy Outfit 

One of the biggest points in the pro column of rompers and jumpsuits, is how much mental work they take off of coming up with outfits. Not everyone enjoys figuring out what top to put on with a specific pair of jeans, or the right jacket to wear with a certain skirt. The great thing about a romper is that it’s a complete outfit in one, everything is taken care of by just wearing it. 

When you’re having a hard time picking out what to wear, a romper is easy to choose and match with your shoes and your accessories. It’s a total and perfect ensemble that looks like a lot of thought has been put into it, even if it took your tween a few seconds to put a look together. 

They Are Perfect for the Not-So-Girly Tween

Rompers are the perfect garment for a tween girl who isn’t really into wearing dresses but still wants to have fun with fashion. Not every pre-teen girl wants to wear the most girly item, and as a parent, it’s important to honor that. If she doesn’t want to wear dresses, consider adding rompers to her closet. The great thing about rompers is that they can truly fit in with just about any style. There are super feminine ones, printed ones and denim ones for the girl who wants a cool but effortless look. Rompers can work for the girl who doesn’t like glam as much as it works for a girl who wants more frills and drama. 

Rompers are Versatile

A romper can look good layered with a shirt or a jacket, or worn with a scarf or a belt, or you can just wear it with no embellishments. With each look, the romper can work for different occasions, from going to the movies with friends, something to wear to school, or something to wear on their various summer adventures. A romper can work in so many ways. What makes this possible is the different cuts and styles a romper can be made with, short-sleeved, spaghetti strapped, strapless or even with long sleeves. This means everyone can find a romper that suits them and makes them happy. 


Style is key, but for tween girls, comfort also needs to be a factor. They are active, spend time on so many hobbies, and they need something that allows them to feel comfortable doing all the awesome things they do. Rompers are usually made of soft fabrics, and are made for the wearer to look good while still feeling comfortable to dance, run, move and explore. If you want to add some pieces to your tween’s wardrobe, consider a few different rompers in a lot of colors and styles. She’ll appreciate the style along with the ease of wearing it all day like a breeze. 

If you’re constantly getting stuck on what to buy for your tween girl, you’re not alone. It’s tricky keeping up with the changing tastes of an individual who is growing and becoming more of themselves. The romper might just be the solution you’re looking for. It has so many advantages working in its favor, and you can give your daughter the freedom to enjoy fashion in a new way.

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