Essential Yard Maintenance You Need to Take Care of Before Fall

Essential Yard Maintenance You Need to Take Care of Before Fall

We are rapidly moving through 2019 and that means you need to start making plans for fall and winter. One place homeowners tend to neglect until it is too late is the yard. Here are some of the things you need to do in your yard before the leaves turn orange. 

Clean Your Gutters

No-one particularly likes doing it, but cleaning your gutters is incredibly important as we head into the wet fall and winter weather. If your gutters are full, they can easily become overloaded and can break away from the house, causing massive damage to your property and leaving you without the correct drainage system. Be sure to have Rancho Cucamonga arborists to trim tree branches back to help lessen future debris messes.

Set aside a weekend for getting through the guttering and make sure you follow all proper safety procedures; especially if ladders are involved. Make sure someone is available to help you with the project or is at least in the house ready to help you if needed. 

Declutter Your Shed

We rarely think about what is in our sheds if they are just used for storage. Instead we are happy to just fling stuff in and retrieve it when we need it. However, fall is the perfect time for you to reorganize and declutter your shed. 

You will be taking everything you used from summer like yard games and toys and storing it away for winter. This requires some careful organization. Before breaking out your winter gear, check to see if there is anything that can be thrown away. Do you really still need to hold onto that broken sled? When you have decided what you are getting rid of, contact a reputable junk removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to take everything away. You can then focus on reordering your newly cleared space. 

Prepare Your Garden

If you like to dabble in growing your own fruits and vegetables, fall is going to be a crucial time for you. Start by clearing your land. Murrieta tree experts can help with this and even assist with pruning your existing trees. Not only will you have lots of delicious produce to harvest, but you will also have a whole host of amazing winter vegetables to plant. There are plenty of hardy vegetables that can even survive a frost so you can still eat stuff from your own garden late into the year. 

Even if you don’t plant your own vegetables, there are many hardy plants which can be added to your flowerbeds. Don’t think that just because the trees are bare that your flowerbeds need to be too. You can still have a lush and plentiful garden even as the temperatures begin to drop. 

These are three essential parts of yard maintenance which you need to take care of in the fall. They may not be the easiest of tasks, or the fastest, but they are extremely important for protecting your property and yard through winter. Take some time to work out your plan of action for the fall now.

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