Essential Knives That You Need in Your Kitchen

Essential Knives That You Need in Your Kitchen

Every kitchen enthusiast, whether professional or amateur, needs a trusty knife by their side. Many people think they can make do with a couple of cheap all-purpose knives, but the truth is, you can save a lot of time an unnecessary effort by investing in one high-quality item. Since there are many options on the market, the purpose of this article is to make your choice easier by presenting a few knives and their pros and cons. Without further ado, here are a few essential knives that you need in your kitchen.

Essential Knives That You Need in Your Kitchen

Global G-48

Global is a Japanese manufacturer admired in the culinary world for their high-quality knives, and the Global G-48 follows the same successful recipe. This Santoku chef’s knife is made entirely out of stainless steel, a design choice which greatly improves its quality of life. As a result, Global G-48 knives do not suffer from the same wear and tear issues as other knife brands.

According to ChefKnives.Expert, the Global G-48 knives are also catered towards people with joint and wrist problems thanks to its low weight. The fact that the producers managed to do this without sacrificing other features or decreasing its effectiveness at accomplishing various kitchen tasks is a wonder of design in and of itself. This brand makes dicing, slicing and chopping any types of food products a pure pleasure.

Its greatest advantage is that it does not require frequent sharpening. However, make sure to clean it after each use to prevent any stains from appearing. If you do this, the Global G-48 can last you for years.


  • Cromova 18 steel made out of molybdenum, chromium, and vanadium
  • Very sharp
  • Extremely durable if maintained properly
  • Friendly for people with joint or wrist problems


  • Expensive (around $130)
  • The steel handle can make it quite uncomfortable to use for some users
  • Requires frequent maintenance (cleaning)

Shun DM0706

Shun is a famous company that produces what experts consider to be amongst the best knives available on the market. Therefore, it is no wonder why the Shun DM0706 has been chosen to be featured in this article. Boasting an impeccable and flawless 8-inch high carbon stainless steel blade and a pakka wood handle, it is a perfect choice for kitchen enthusiasts who want to take their cooking to the next level. The catch? It is quite pricey – stores sell it for $175 a piece. But as you will soon find out, this knife is worth all the money in the world.

Like many of the knives presented in this list, the Shun DM0706 is capable of handling pretty much anything you put it through. You will have such an easy time cutting, dicing, carving, chopping that soon enough you will feel like Jamie Oliver himself. The main downside is that it requires a lot of maintenance work, so if sharpening knives on a weekly basis is not your thing, you might want to give this model a pass.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of aesthetics, this knife is quite the visual pleasure. Its design is inspired by traditional Japanese knives, boasting high-quality materials and elegant curves.


  • Sharp
  • Elegant design
  • Visually appealing
  • Perfect for most kitchen tasks
  • Japanese producer


  • Very expensive
  • Prone to chipping during cleaning and sharpening

Dalstrong SSX Chef

Struggling for half an hour to cut a lemon with a blunt knife is one of the most frustrating kitchen experiences that one could have. If you encounter this issue on a frequent basis, the Dalstrong SSXChef is the perfect choice, as it is amongst the sharpest knives on the market.

Part of the Shogun Series X knives, this trusty Japanese chef’s knife is a wonder of design and efficiency. Boasting a G10 military certified comfortable handle, sturdy bolster and 66 layers of stainless steel, this knife is not only an accurate representation of the Japanese Gyuto style but a perfectly balanced tool capable of handling almost any kitchen tasks. You will slice through chicken and pork meat with ease, and mincing and dicing vegetables will feel almost natural.

Like some knives on this list, the Dalstrong SSX Chef is quite pricey, at about 130 dollars. And like the Shun DM0706, it is prone to chipping. But the comfort and reliable balance that this knife provides compensates for the high price tag and tendency to chip.


  • Good balance
  • Comfortable bolster
  • Comes very sharp right out of the box
  • 66 layers of stainless steel
  • Reliable handle


  • Prone to chipping
  • Some might consider it too costly for what it offers

Kuma Multi-purpose

Boasting a simple, elegant design, the Kuma Multi-purpose chef knife is ideal for kitchen enthusiasts who are on a budget, as it is the most inexpensive model presented in this article. As you might have probably guessed from its name, this knife is suited for all types of kitchen activities, from cutting and mincing vegetables to cutting through thick slices of meat. It features a five-millimeter blade and a 3C13 stainless steel blade.

Those who are familiarized with kitchen tools might have noticed that its design is Japanese-inspired, due to its stamped blade and material. The handle also boasts a classic blueprint, with a structure composed out of three rivets, which makes it so versatile and easy to use for many. The bolster (the thick part of the knife between the blade and the handle) is thick, reliable and offers safety to the user.

Despite its low price, the Kuma Multi-purpose comes with a lot of perks. However, its big downside is that the blade needs frequent sharpening.


  • Stable
  • Affordable
  • Comes sharpened right out of the box
  • One of the best knives for carving


  • Requires more sharpening than it should
  • Some users might feel like they are using a cheap tool


Buying a knife is akin to purchasing a car – you have to make sure you are getting the best bargain for your money and to pick something that can last you for years. Moreover, investing in a high-quality knife can save you a lot of time and effort, which is better on the long term than constantly buying cheaper ones that become obsolete after a few uses. Although some of the knives on this list are a little on the expensive side, they more than make up for the price tag by being high-quality products that can handle a wide variety of kitchen tasks.

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