Errand Assisting: An Easy Way For Teens To Make Quick Cash

Errand Assisting: An Easy Way For Teens To Make Quick Cash

If you are the parent of a teenager with a newly formed driver’s license, you know all about how anxious he or she is to get behind the wheel. Why not put all that newfound energy and enthusiasm to work – literally.

Once you have established rules and regulations of the road and feel that enough time has passed for them to be responsible in their driving endeavors, maybe it is time to let them run errands for neighbors so they can earn a few dollars.

Errand Assisting: An Easy Way For Teens To Make Quick Cash

Running errands is a great little business for teenagers especially during the holidays because it gives them the freedom to drive around while teaching them responsibility. Add in the bonus of learning how to earn and save a dollar with real practical business experience, and you have the making of a budding entrepreneur.

Starting a business as an errand assistant requires very little to begin with.

Proper Insurance and Licensing

Make certain that you check with the laws and regulations of your particular state to see what is required as far as insurance or licensing to create such a business. Also, be sure to check the status of your teen’s driver license and that are no restrictions on it as far as time of day.


Let your teen come up with a creative flyer on the computer that uniquely depicts the service they are offering and how much they charge. Let them use their social media connections to connect with other people who may be in need of their services.


Have your teen put out the word to friends, neighbors, and anyone else who will listen that they are in business. Have them create an elevator speech that in under a minute or two tells exactly what they are doing and how.

By contacting local places of worship and libraries, your teen may just be on to something that will get them through their “I want, I need, I have to have” years.

Test Run

By configuring how much gas your teen’s vehicle holds and how many miles per gallon, your teen can do a test run to local supermarkets and pharmacies and see if they can figure out a fair dollar amount that will reimburse them for both their time and their gas usage. Do not forget wear and tear on the car as well.

There are many seniors who are unable or unwilling to go food shopping or to the pharmacy. Match them up with a teen who is itching to get behind the wheel and gain some experience and some money at the same time, and you just might have a perfect match.

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