Pregnant? 5 Ways to Encourage a Smooth Birth

Pregnant? 5 Ways to Encourage a Smooth Birth

While many people say that giving birth is a beautiful and natural event, it’s a frightening thought for most new mothers. It’s not only the thought of the pain that causes anxiety; problems during childbirth can cause issues with the baby’s heart or brain, such as cerebral palsy (see this Wichita Falls cerebral palsy lawyer). All pregnant women should do what they can to encourage a healthy baby and a smooth birth. 

However, worrying about childbirth throughout your pregnancy won’t help. In fact, it could make it worse. Luckily, while some unplanned events during childbirth can’t be avoided, there are ways to try to encourage a smooth birth. 

Stay fit

Staying fit during pregnancy might be the last thing you want to do. Moving around feels difficult and uncomfortable, and none of your exercise clothes fit. However, exercising during pregnancy can help during childbirth. It prepares your body and teaches endurance. Swimming, walking and yoga are among the best activities for a pregnant woman, and staying hydrated is vital.  

Find the right caregiver

It’s important to find the right caregiver, for both the pregnancy period and for birth. The right midwife or doctor will maintain communication with you throughout childbirth and will always get your consent. Having a caregiver that you trust and feel comfortable around will make you more relaxed during labor. This is important in ensuring a smooth birth.  

Have a birthing plan

Many women choose to have birthing plans. This is simply a record of what you would like to happen during labor and afterwards. It might include who you want with you, if you want medications, and how you would like the room to be set up. While you can’t make outlandish requests, a midwife will happily dim the lights if requested and make the room feel homey. You can organize your birthing plan with your caregiver. 

Take classes

Antenatal classes are another great way to encourage a smooth birth. The purpose of an antenatal class is to teach you about childbirth and ensure that you feel confident before labor. You’ll have a greater understanding of your body and the processes it goes through before, during and after birth. You might also learn about parenthood and caring for a newborn baby. This makes childbirth a little easier as you aren’t so worried about the next bit. 

Eat right

Eating right during pregnancy is important, and it can help to encourage a smooth birth. A healthy diet during pregnancy not only helps your baby to develop and grow, but it ensures that your body is in the best possible shape for childbirth. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to give you enough fiber and prevent constipation, and cut down on your salt intake.

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