Effective Ways To Send Unpleasant Odors Packing

The air freshener aisle at the grocery store is jam packed with all the latest products claiming to rid homes of unpleasant odors. These scented candles, plug-ins, sprays, carpet powders and other air freshening products all have one thing in common: they mask scents rather than eliminating them. While these products may have a pleasant fragrance, it is almost always short lasting and has zero effect on the cause of the odor. The only way to fix an odor problem is to attack it at the source. A variety of home improvement tasks, as well as the use of non-masking odor killers such as an ozone machine, can get an odor problem under control. The following are some general tips to help reduce odor problems:


Take Every Smell Seriously

Bad odors that seemingly appear out of nowhere are particularly annoying. These odors can be the result of something as unpleasant as a dead rodent in a wall or something as serious as a gas leak. Poor indoor air quality is serious business; unpleasant odors may be a sign of the presence of dangerous pollutants and contaminants that lead to respiratory problems, allergies, migraine headaches, and worse. All homeowners should install carbon monoxide and radon detectors throughout a house, as these gasses are particularly dangerous. Detectors are cheap, easy to use, and potentially life-saving.

Cleaning with Ozone Machines

A clean house is one of the best ways to prevent odors; an ozone machine sterilizes the air to make for the cleanest home possible. Ozone machines work by emitting ozone, a powerful gas that is the 2nd most powerful disinfectant known to man. This powerful gas is an activated oxygen that can destroy viruses, bacterium, and odor causing pollutants. The OdorFreeMachines ozone machine is a device that creates ozone via electricity and disperses the ozone throughout the air. Ozone destroys odor causing pollutants upon contact by binding with them and oxidizing the pollutant into normal oxygen. These machines are available in models to meet a large variety of sizes. Typical odor reduction only requires 20-30 minutes of use; ozone machines are best used in unoccupied spaces. Ozone is adept at destroying odors related to smoke, dust, sweat, pets, mold and mildew, garbage, food and beverage, and more.  Unlike air fresheners, ozone is an air purifier and doesn’t merely mask smells with a powerful scent—it destroys them.

Address Water Leaks and Moisture Build Up ASAP

A tiny drip can easily turn into a major problem. Excessive moisture is one of the biggest odor causing culprits, and the smallest of leaks can create dangerous moisture induced mold and mildew. People are often unaware of mold build up until the smell becomes prominent; mold can be difficult to spot or may appear benign. Certain types of mold create hazardous air pollutants, and almost all molds will weaken or even destroy most building materials. Avoiding mold and mildew is as simple as fixing leaks when they first appear, inspecting and replacing damp building materials, and ensuring that every room has adequate ventilation and is properly sealed to prevent outside moisture from seeping in. Mold is serious business, having a professional plumber inspect moldy areas is a wise choice.

Inspection, cleaning, and using an ozone machine are great ways to eliminate problem odors and help maintain a healthy living environment. Odor problems need to be addressed at the source and as soon as possible. Once the problem is fixed, periodic use of ozone machines will ensure that the house stays fresh and clean.

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