Eco-Friendly Ways to Remove Household Odors

There’s nothing better than coming home to a pleasant smell wafting through the air. A home that smells great just seems more comfortable and more like a home. However, at times you might come home to noxious odors that you just can’t seem to get rid of no matter how many odor removing products and air fresheners you use. There are several eco-friendly things that you can do to get rid of stenches that seem to cling to the walls and floors of your home.  You can use natural cleaning remedies to remove the source of many odors and then use an ozone generator to remove all of the remaining bad odors from the home.

Using an Ozone Generator

Although cleaning is very important in removing household odors, it can be difficult to clean everywhere odors have collected.  Using an ozone generator or ozone air purifier is a natural method of actually removing odors from your entire home rather than masking them.  A generator uses electricity to simulate the effects of lightning and splits oxygen (2) molecules in half. The split molecules combine with other oxygen to create ozone (O3).  The ozone attacks the odor-causing molecules at their source throughout the space and destroys them, removing the offending odors through the process of oxidation.  The ozone will begin to revert to its natural O2 state approximately one hour following completion of the treatment.  Treatment time will depend on the size of the home and the type of odor being eliminated.  The occupants must leave the home during the treatment but can return about an hour after it has been completed.


The Power Of Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most effective and natural ways to get rid of bad scents in your fridge, garbage disposals and sinks. It can absorb odors in these places and is also a good cleaning agent to use.  A combination of baking soda and vinegar is very effective for bathroom cleaning. Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that is beginning to get a lot of attention from people wishing to use natural products. Pouring a cup of vinegar or vinegar mixed with baking soda down the drain and letting it sit will help remove odors from the garbage disposal and drain.  It can also be used to effectively clean the kitchen, bathroom, or any room in the house.  Keeping your home clean will go a long way towards keeping bad odors at bay.

Get Rid of Your Air Fresheners

All of those spray or plug-in air fresheners and fragrances might be doing you more harm than good, especially if you have allergies. Studies have revealed that anywhere from 20 to 34 percent of the country’s population has experienced allergic reactions from air fresheners. The reason for this is due to the volatile organic compounds found in them. Something else to think about is that most of those products only cover up the smell rather than truly getting rid of it. This means that using these products may actually increase the odors in the home.

Now there’s no need for you to fill your home with harmful chemicals; let natural and eco-friendly remedies such as an ozone machine give you a fresh smelling and healthy home.

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