Easy ways to secure your home

In today’s modern world, our possessions are making us more vulnerable than ever. There are questionable characters everywhere, just waiting to pounce on that next unsuspecting sucker, and get at said possessions. However, society has evolved and we’ve become savvy at keeping these intruders at bay. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some easy ways to secure your home.

Home Security

Install an alarm system

Arguably the best defence is an alarm system. The white and blue box that’s installed on the outside of your house will be a great deterrent – one look at that thing, and a more cautious thief is likely to turn away. Coupled with the conspicuous white and blue box, are the stickers that you’ll be given by the company that installed the system, announcing that your household is protected. Learn how to arm the alarm while there there’s people home, and you’ll feel even safer. You or your family may accidentally set it off at first, but you’ll soon get used to darting around the sensors! There’s also the added option of a back-to-base system that will alert the police when there’s been a breach. Double check the reliability of the provider; good providers like www.stylewisesecurity.com.au have a track record of customer satisfaction.

Have lots (and lots) of lighting

Burglars love to go about their dirty deeds under the cover of darkness, so the perfect countermeasure is lighting, and plenty of it. The possibilities are endless – electric, solar, or both. Bollard lights in the ground provide medium level brightness. Spotlights attached under your eaves light smaller areas, but they’re bright, which is what we want. If you prefer the element of surprise, consider installing motion sensor lights, so they flick on whenever someone approaches. Nowadays, a lot of lights are a straightforward DIY project, particularly solar lights, which are convenient and cost effective way to brighten the entire exterior of your home. They serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Build solid fences

Before the days of electricity and solar power, what did people do to keep strangers from entering their property? Build fences! Base your decision on four principals – height, strength, scalability and the look of it. Think about getting commercial fence panels, as domestic fences have a 6-foot limit. Bolted or welded hardware make for stronger fences. Make sure the fence is made from materials that make it hard to get a good grip with hands or feet. Aim for that ‘lethal look’ with electrical fencing, whether it’s genuinely electric or just looks like it is. A sign that warns of the fence’s danger should keep intruders at a safe distance.

Fake it!

Some security options are costly. If you can’t quite afford all the bells and whistles, consider strategically placing mock security cameras, and signs that say ‘security system installed’, ‘CCTV monitored’ or even ‘beware of dog’ (doesn’t matter if you don’t have one!). Placing a dog bowl of water in plain sight will further enforce this threat. The last thing a burglar wants is to be injured by a dog, or at the very least will fear the noise it would make.

Should we be at the mercy of burglars? Of course not! There’s a myriad of options out there – you can stick to traditional solutions, or get creative and think outside the square!

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