27 Easy Homemade Gifts That Even You Can Make

If you are looking to give some great gifts from the heart, but not spend a lot of money we have some great ideas for you here. These 27 Easy Homemade Gifts are perfect for everyone in the family. From great gifts in a jar, to classic homemade beauty products and even a few fun unique gifts, this list is a great place to start.

27 Easy Homemade Gifts That Even You Can Make


  1. DIY Coffee Body Scrub
  2. Painted Dollar Store Mugs
  3. Pumpkin Pie Body Scrub
  4. Burlap Wine Bottle Bags
  5. Faux Leather Photo Frame
  6. DIY Lip Balm Holder
  7. Star Wars Peg People
  8. DIY Felt Play Mat
  9. DIY Lemon Rosemary Scrub
  10. Upcycled T-Shirt Super Hero Cape
  11. Lavender Coconut Aloe Vera Shave Gel
  12. DIY Stenciled Coasters
  13. Easy Lavender Goats Milk
  14. Whipped Gingerbread Body Butter
  15. Lavender Calming Candles
  16. Choconut Cookie Mix In A Jar
  17. DIY Pencil Pouch
  18. DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub
  19. Framed Heart Maps
  20. DIY Swirl Vase
  21. Layered Popcorn Gift Jars
  22. Hot Cocoa Mix In A Jar
  23. Gift Card Snow Globe
  24. DIY Dried Fruit Potpouri
  25. DIY Stud Earrings
  26. DIY Upcycled Cup Sleeve
  27. DIY Mandarin Sugar Scrub

Gather up your supplies, and start crafting and creating these wonderful easy handmade gifts for your friends and family this year. These unique gifts are perfect for making in large batches and giving to your kids teachers, babysitters and helpers at school. They are even perfect for making as a special treat just for yourself.

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